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Loose South Seas Pearls

This page will have South Seas, Keshi and Tahitian for you to choose from.  All Pearls on this page will be South Seas Pearls from Tahiti, Australia, Indonesia and other islands.  Most of them will be larger examples and most of them will be Baroque in shape; the more Baroque, the more unique and the more we love them!

Check the Client Custom Treasures page to see some of the things that have been done with these examples of Nature's art!  All Pearls are organic and fragile, and require care. Click this link for information about pearls.  If the Pearls you choose have  a letter/number designation at the end of the title line, please include that number in your email to me regarding purchasing so that you will be certain to receive the item you want. 

Baroque South Seas White Cream Pearl, Kitten 12mm. 

Here is a charming Saltwater Pearl that looks like the head of a kitten to me; softly pointed ears and little round face!  Fancy it to be whatever pleases you; the skin is wonderfully silky and there are faint pastel colors chasing on the surface as you can see in the pictures.  Measuring 12.17mm x 15mm, it is not drilled and is $125.00.  

Australian BiColor Baroque Pearl 17.3mm x 14.7mm x 13.8mm.

What an incredible Pearl!  As Baroque as it gets, this one can represent the animal of your choice, or have it mounted with the round smooth face up if you wish; it's not drilled, so all design avenues are open.  It's Cream, it's Silvery White and pastel oil-slick colors abound on the surface of this truly magnificent South Seas Pearl.  I'm truly honored to be able to offer it to you for only $160.00. 

Baroque South Seas White Pearl, 11.5mm. 

This one is shaped rather like a perfume bottle or perhaps a child's top toy.  Wonderfully smooth and silky skin on this Saltwater masterpiece, it is more platinum white than cream white.  It measures 14mm x 11.5mm and is $125.00. 

Incredible South Seas Silver White Pearl, Baroque.

This one has singularly good reflectivity, awesome glow, and smooth silky skin with natural banding and growth marks.  This is another that clearly considered being a twin and then decided not to bother.  The top and bottom aspects of this pearl each have a unique claim to beauty, so it may be difficult for you to decide 'which end is up' when you decide to have it drilled and mounted as a ring.  It is a big one, measuring 15.87mm x 15.51mm, and is yours for $275.00. 

Baroque South Seas White Cream Pearl, Lop-Eared Puppy. 

Lovely Saltwater Pearl with silky skin and pastel color play on the creamy white surface, I fancied this one to be either a Quail on the sit or perhaps the head of a lop-eared puppy.  This Pearl is not drilled and measures 15.28mm x 11.8mm.  $125.00. 

Tahitian Teardrop Banded Black Pearl, 10mm.

What a beautiful Pearl!  Shaped like a minnieball or perhaps a plumb bob, this remarkably colorful Pearl has a distinct 'base' as well as a distinct point.  It is silvery Black with all those color bands, it is not drilled and measures 13mm x 10.5mm.  $115.00. 

11mm Australian Light Golden Champagne Pearl.

Technically a Bi Color with its areas of Silver Grey on this lovely Golden Champagne surface, this silky smooth Saltwater Pearl is not drilled, so is ready to go into your next ring project.  Face-up choices abound with this pearl, which comes to you from Australia.  It measures 11mm x 11.5mm and is $135.00. 

SOLD 12mm Circled Australian Golden Cream Pearl.

Softly dimpled with the much sought 'fishscale' appearance upon close examination, this little beauty also offers some nice growth circling on the Golden Cream surface along with the subtle pastel coloring.  It is not drilled, so is ready to be whatever you wish; it measures 12mm x 12mm and is $195.00. 

Baroque Tahitian Black Bi-Color Peacock Pearl, 13mm.

Truly a pleasure to present this amazing Pearl!  From Tahiti, I offer for your consideration this magnificent Baroque Black Pearl; it is bi-color and Peacock, it is silky and reflective, it is undrilled and just begging for a chance to be added to your collection.  It measures 13mm x 10mm and it is 115.00. 

Baroque Australian Golden Pearl, Growth Circles, 10mm.

Here is a somewhat bullet shaped Saltwater Pearl from the seas off Australia.  The color might best be described as Champagne Rainbow; there is a lot of color beyond the Golden Champagne base color here.  The growth rings or circles add additional interest to what is already a very unique and desirable Pearl.  It measures 14mm x 10.5mm and is $125.00. 

Baroque Australian Golden Pearl, Draedl, 11mm. 

Beautiful undrilled pearl from the seas of Australia, the Golden Champagne tone is subtle, yet oh so there.  The first thought that crossed my mind for the shape was 'draedl,' so that is what I've elected to call it.  Silky skin with nice color play, it measures 15mm x 11mm.  $195.00.  

Tahitian Black Pearl, 13.7mm x 10.8mm. 

Beautiful silky smooth skin on this very fine, half-drilled Black Pearl from Tahiti.  Lovely drop shape lends itself to an unlimited choice of designs; your smith or mine!  Whether you decide on an elegant pendant or an in-your-face ring, this could easily become your signature Pearl jewelry piece.  It is $115.00.  

SOLD Tahitian Black Pearl, 13mm x 11mm. 

Lovely green undertone to this fantastic grey/black Semi-Baroque Pearl from Tahiti.  It has not been drilled, which allows you to decide which face is up.  Nice growth indicators combine with the glassy-smooth surface for a collector's delight.  It is $125.00. 

Australian Golden Pearl, 12.7mm x 13.3mm x 11.4mm. 

The slight rippling you see over the surface is a naturally developed pattern called 'fish scale' for obvious reasons.  The shape might best be described as Baroque Button and the color is a Cream Golden; no question about the Pearl being Golden!  Beautifully lustrous with nice thick nacre, this Pearl is not drilled, so have fun planning the design for it!  $200.00.  

SOLD Australian Natural Cream White Pearl, 14.5mm x 12.1mm.

Baroque at its very best, this Pearl displays beautifully from every angle.  Fascinating growth anomalies in strategic locations allow you to determine how best to display its many advantages.  Half-drilled, it has a strong silvery undertone integrated seamlessly with the sweet-cream upper tone.  It is $125.00.    

Shimmering Cream Natural White South Seas Baroque Pearl.

This Pearl is every bit as beautiful as the pictures; that and more.  Silky skin with fantastic glow, natural growth indentations and excrescences, this full drill Pearl will suit any purpose to which you put it.  A nice big size, it measures 11mm x 14mm and is ready and waiting for you; it's only $125.00.   

South Seas Golden Saltwater Pearl, Off-Round.

Measuring 10.7mm x 12mm, this is a lovely large Golden Pearl, completely natural, from the South Seas.  As you can see, there are the natural growth imperfections one expects to see in these big beauties, although they are much magnified by the photos.  This pearl has excellent luster and thick nacre, giving it the wonderful glow that we treasure these Pearls for.  It is perfect for the ring or pendant of your dreams, and it is only $150.00.

South Seas Light Champagne Pearl.

Off Round in shape, this Pearl measures 11.49mm x 11.09mm, making it the perfect size for a ring or pendant.  Genuine South Seas Saltwater Pearl, it has wonderful luster and nacre, and the growth flaws you see in the pictures are smooth, without roughing.  This one has nice color reflection, showing nice opalescence.  It is $125.00.

South Seas Champagne Pearl, Circling Present.

This one measures 11.57mm x 10.47mm, classifying it as Off Round, and there are a few of the usual small indentations referred to as growth flaws.  You will notice especially in the pictures upper center and upper right that there is some circling present on this Pearl.  I mention this because I have so many clients that find it enchanting, and others that will not purchase a Pearl unless this circling is present.  This pearl has nice glow and smooth skin, and is a genuine South Seas Saltwater Pearl.  It is $125.00.

South Seas Champagne Pearl, 14.48mm Round.

Here is a lovely Round South Seas Champagne Pearl for you!  Quite large, it has nice skin with a soft glow, and very even smoothness; some pinprick size growth flaws seem only to improve the look of this larger Pearl.  There is an unusual area of Silver color in this Champagne Pearl, faintly visible in the picture upper right.  For myself, I would consider mounting this Pearl with that aspect as the face, since it is so unusual.  There is no side of this Pearl that presents less than beautifully, so no worries there.  This one is $275.00.

South Seas Pearl, Silver/White.

14.59mm x 13.18mm, this one is Off Round Baroque.  Smooth and silky, with natural growth marks, this one presents well from every angle.  The picture bottom center is best for the actual color of the Pearl, which is a metallic silvery White.  Nice larger size, it is un-drilled and ready for your decision.  $250.00.

Tahitian Black Peacock Baroque Pearl, Un-drilled.

I had to specify 'un-drilled' in the title, because the pictures make it appear as though it is drilled; it is just one of the oddities about this Pearl!  This one obviously thought about twinning, and never completed the process.  The color is wonderful, with silvery tones as well as the oil-slick colors associated with the Tahitian Peacocks.  Smooth with some natural growth marks, it is ready to drill and be your next fabulous Pearl statement!  It measures 16.72mm x 10.10mm, and it is $115.00.

South Seas Pearl, Champagne.

This one is from Indonesia, and is a beautiful Natural White with Champagne overtones; just lovely!  It measures 10.2mm x 11.5mm in a Round Drop shape, and has fantastic luster and smooth, thick nacre with natural indentations from the growth process.  It is un-drilled, and is a bargain at only $95.00.

South Seas Natural White Pearl, Off-Round

7.66mm x 8.27mm is the measure of this pretty little un-drilled pearl.  It has a lot of natural markings from the growing process, and this is sometime referred to as ruffling.  It has nice luster and nacre, and will make a lovely ring or pendant in a more mainstream shape and size.  It is $60.00.

Palest Blue South Seas Pearl, Egg Shape Baroque.

From Australia comes this precious Pearl; Silvery Blue in color, with wonderful smooth skin and a nearly metallic glow.  It is ovoid, or egg shaped, which places it between Off-Round and Baroque for shape.  Small natural growth marks are present, but only on very close inspection, and nothing that detracts from the unique beauty of this Pearl.  It measures 8mm x 11mm, and it is un-drilled.  A beautiful ring awaits!  $65.00.

Tahitian South Seas Black Pearl, Baroque, Amazing!

This is truly unbelievable, yet here it is!  For shape, the first thing I thought of was the little oil cans that my dad used when he was working on any sort of small engine when I was a child.  This one obviously must be a pendant instead of a ring, and oh, what a pendant it will make!  This pearl has natural circling and slight growth imperfections in shape, but the skin is lustrous and the colors are just fabulous!  This one measures 9.8mm x 20.3mm, and is $145.00.

SOLD Loose South Sea Pearl, Button Shape, Black/Purple.

This is an amazing Pearl; categorized as Black, it is actually a nearly metallic Purple color!  Flattened Sphere, or Button in shape, it is half-drilled and ready for mounting as a wonderful ring, with or without accents.  It measures 10.10mm in diameter, and 7.5mm deep, and as you can see, it has beautiful skin, as flawless as I have ever seen, and fantastic potential as a signature piece of Pearl jewelry.  It is $125.00.