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Whole  Bean Coffees

Here is our selection of whole bean coffees. The selection will continue to grow and change as items are added and discontinued, so check the list frequently.  Do feel free to email and ask for specific flavors or specific roasts in unflavored coffees.  If I don't have it, I can probably get it.  Go here for additional information and brewing tips and here for Gift Packs of coffee that you can send to everyone!

All coffees with this cup: are $12.00 per pound, $7.00 per half pound.

and coffees with this cup:  are Reserve Coffees roasted to Blue Moon's specifications for truly magnificent gourmet coffee.  These Reserve Coffees are $14.00 per pound, $8.00 per half pound.

Coffees displaying this cup:  are coffees currently out of rotation, but may be restocked at a later date.

Add 50¢ per bag (pound or half-pound) for ground coffee and specify the grind you want; Perk, Drip, Auto-Drip, Fine or Espresso.  

Names in RED are FLAVORED coffees. 

IRISH CRÈME.  Most of you will be familiar with this fantastic liqueur taste hovering behind the rich full bodied Italian Roast coffee used as a vehicle to transport the flavor. 

CARAMEL COMFORT.  The rich taste of caramel in your coffee makes for a great morning, great evening, great anytime!  Try blending it with Kona Blend or with our Double Dark Chocolate.

JAMAICAN ME CRAZY.  One of the most popular flavored coffees ever, this one is a blend of vanilla, caramel, nuts and a touch of Kahlua.  Yummy!

JAZZY JAVA. An all time favorite of the 'nutty' blend flavors, this one offers flavors of pecan and other nuts.  Nicely bodied, low acid coffee for all day or for dessert coffee with pastries and sweets. 

HIGHLANDER'S GROGG.  Often described as having a hint of Scotch whiskey in a creamy, buttery-smooth body, this one is a personal favorite of mine, although admittedly I don't taste Scotch in it!  What I do taste is a very pleasant coffee suitable for all day rather than just as an after-dinner blend.

BLUEBERRIES & CINNAMON.  The blueberry taste takes precedence over the cinnamon; both in exactly the right amount.  With or without cream, with or without sugar, this is one of the few 'fruity' blends that doesn't have an overpowering, well... FRUITY taste!  Excellent as a dessert coffee or even as an all day coffee.

DOUBLE DARK CHOCOLATE.  Nothing sweet about it; this has the round throaty taste of unsweetened dark chocolate in a nicely smooth coffee without a sharp backbite.  Beautiful flavor whether you drink it black, with sugar or fully loaded; try combining it with Amaretto, Golden Grail or Blueberry Cinnamon.

HAZELNUT. A favorite for almost everyone; this is a Hawaiian form of Hazelnut and much nicer than what you may be used to.  A light-medium roast, low acid coffee with excellent body and aroma.

GOLDEN GRAIL.  Strong taste of Almond Paste, this one is wonderful by itself, mixed with our Double Dark Chocolate or used as an addition to any of the unflavored coffees for just a hint of pleasant back-taste. 

FRENCH VANILLA. Pure, soothing vanilla for your choice of wake-up or after dinner coffee, this is not an over the top vanilla that tastes like dessert in a cup; this is suitable to being an all day coffee. 

AMARETTO.  A perfect Viennese blend of almond and cherry flavors makes this the perfect after dinner or dessert coffee; there are those of us who DO drink it all day too!  This is a medium roast coffee with low acid. 

PUMPKIN SPICE.  Wonderful cinnamon, nutmeg and clove overtones; tastes like Thanksgiving smells!  Morning or evening, this is a favorite. 

BANANA NUT BREAD. A much kinder and gentler taste than the Banana Foster coffees that taste like Circus Peanuts.  This has just the right amount of banana taste blended with nuts and riding passenger with the Full City Roast Arabica beans that occupy the driver's seat; drink it after dinner or all day long. 

RASPOLATE.  A wonderful taste of chocolate and raspberry; blend it or brew it alone, this is not an overpowering flavor to make you wince, it is just a lovely strong bodied coffee with taste!

BLUE MOON JOE.  This is our signature coffee; a deep dark roast with a round heavy aroma and flavor far superior to more 'famous' coffees, due to the lack of burnt beans.  No acid back-taste, the finish is as smooth as the first sip.  If you especially love the dark roasted coffees but hate the bitterness and acidity that usually accompanies those coffees in commercial establishments, then you need look no further; you've found your coffee!

CORAL REEF.  Not quite French Roast, yet deeper than Italian Roast, this unusually smooth island coffee is a delight whether brewed light or dark.  Also suitable for espresso and as a base for a wonderful cappuccino, this is an 'anytime' coffee.  

AMBITION FULL CITY ROAST. Purportedly having more than the usual amount of caffeine, this medium roast is actually a combination of three different roasts.  The result is a low-acid taste in a nice full-bodied coffee; great in the morning as a wake up or for those late nights when a little help is needed to stay awake.  Mellow enough to drink all day if you are used to higher levels of caffeine. 

(Awaiting shipment) ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFFE FRENCH ROAST. The pride of  Africa and the most desired of the African coffees, Yirgacheffe has a softly subtle, almost floral taste reminiscent of jasmine, overlaid with a natural sweetness that hints to us of honey.  A powerful dark French roast, it is mellow and low acid.

KONA BLEND FULL CITY ROAST. A blend of Hawaiian Kona and Arabica beans for a very aromatic coffee that coffee lovers clamor to get.  More affordable than the pure Kona and in my personal opinion, better tasting than the pure Kona, this blend has a medium body and a clean clear taste.  This mid-line 'City' roast brews a low-acid coffee that is easy on everyone.

SUMATRA FRENCH ROAST. A deep heavy roast without the acid backbite of so many French roasts, our Sumatra might become your newest favorite!  Of all the French roast coffees, this one is a popular favorite because of the extremely low acid; no 'sharpness' to it.

  (Awaiting shipment) NEW GUINEA (PAPUA) FRENCH ROAST. Incredibly rich and aromatic, it is currently way out in front as my favorite Dark French Roast. Do you remember Jamaican Blue Mountain the way it used to be before the hurricanes destroyed the Jamaican coffee plantations; before the old coffee trees were replaced with hybrids and their coffee started tasting like everyone else's? Try this one for a taste of past glory!