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Amethyst & Ametrine

Amethyst East/West Ring With Trillions.

This is very nice!  The center stone is an Antique Emerald cut, having the slightly convex outer planes.  It is from Brazil, so is a medium purple tone that shows off its excellent cutting.  For contrast, we have a pair of African Amethyst Trillions, measuring 5mm each.  They are darker, of course, and so are an excellent compliment to the Brazilian in the middle.  The east to west mounting of the center stone gives an impression of more size to the stone than it really possesses; it measures 10mm x 8mm for a carat weight of 2.59.  This ring is size 7 and is $90.00. 

SOLD Laser Millennium Cut Brazilian Amethyst Solitaire Ring.

This is a Brazilian Amethyst, so it is not as dark as the pictures make it appear.  I usually choose the Brazilian for the Laser type and Millennium cuttings since the African Amethyst is dark enough to hide part of the cutting.  This is a very well faceted stone, and the Millennium cutting seems to add an additional zillion or so facets to it.  It is a soft cornered Trillion measuring 12mm x 12mm for a carat weight of 5.14.  The mounting is simple and clean, allowing the stone to do all the talking.  This custom beauty is size 7 and is $95.00. 

Designer Made Triple Marquise Fantasy Amethyst Ring.

The pictures clearly show the unusual shape of the stone in this ring.  The appearance suggests three separate stones laid one atop the other, each one slightly offset to the one below.  It is, of course, only one stone with a brilliant fantasy cut, and definitely one to own.  It measures 9mm x 15mm, and is buff top with all of the faceting on the underside of the stone.  A special mounting was created for this stone, and it is $175.00.

Laser Cut Oval Amethyst Ring.

Not pink in person, but rather truly Amethyst, this Oval cut wonder is an absolute delight.  The picture to the far right shows the laser cutting on the top of the otherwise smooth surface at the top and bottom of the stone.  All of the rest of the cutting is done on the bottom of the stone.  It is a very dimensional look!  The stone measures 12mm x 14mm in a Royal Oval cut and rests in a substantial mounting.  It is $150.00.

Ametrine Solitaire, "D" Cut.

As you can see, I am still not quite there in terms of photographs!  This is a very pretty Ametrine; more Amethyst than Citrine, in a fantasy cut referred to as a "D" cut.  The stone measures 10mm x 12mm, and of course had to have a mounting custom made for it due to the shape.  Another lovely one of a kind ring for you, it is $195.00.

SOLD Amethyst Fantasy "Keystone" Cut Solitaire Ring.

This is a 14mm x 10mm, 3ct Amethyst in a Fantasy Cut that we will refer to as a "Keystone".  The cut is similar to a Kite cut, except for the blunt point at the narrow end of the stone.  The concave cutting lends a peculiar sense of movement that the stone would not otherwise possess.  Simple elegant mounting allows the stone to show you who's boss!  It is $125.00.

SOLD African Amethyst Emerald Cut 3-Stone Ring.

Breathtaking in person, this is a 3-stone Emerald Cut ring all done in African Amethyst.  The center stone is a Bridge Cut Emerald with Opposed Bar Cut on top to enhance the wonderful, fiery purple flashes emanating from this 8mm x 10mm, 3.5ct stone.  The side stones are Radiant Cut Emerald, measuring 6mm x 8mm, for about an additional 3cts of wonderful African Amethyst, all VVS clarity.  Special construction was necessary for this ring, and it is $195.00.