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Smoky Quartz and Citrine Ring.

This is really nice in an earthier color ring.  The center stone is a great Smoky Quartz Emerald Cut, beautifully brown with no orange to it at all.  It measures 7mm x 9mm for around 2cts, and the Golden Citrine Trillions are 6mm each side for about a carat and a bit each.  Wonderfully balanced colors compliment each other well, and this ring is the poster child for that statement.  The scroll mount adds even more presence, and this one is $125.00.

Smoky Citrine Emerald Cut w/Onyx Round Cut Ring.

This is truly an interesting ring.  The center stone is a perfect Smoky Citrine, beautifully brown without even a hint of orange.  It measures 10mm x 8mm for 3.5cts.  The cutting on this stone is called "Roll Top".  It is, in principle, the same as the Opposed Bar Cut, except that in this case, the bars on the surface are cut parallel with the length of the stone, rather than with the width.  This cut creates a very nice shimmering effect.  Paired with this delightful center stone, we have a pair of round cut, faceted Onyx.  As we all know, it is unusual to see Onyx faceted, and when you see it this way, the very first thing that comes to mind is the Black Diamond, which looks exactly like faceted Onyx.  If you don't tell, we won't either!  This very impressive, custom made dark beauty can be yours for $118.00.

Golden Citrine Shark Fin Fantasy Cut Solitaire Ring.

How clever is this custom made mounting and this custom cut stone?  In reality, the stone is a wonderful light cognac color; brightly golden brown with yellow-gold flashes.  The 5.22ct, 19mm x 10mm stone is mounted on the diagonal for even more attractiveness, just when you thought that it was not possible for this beautiful stone to be even more so!  One of a kind, of course, and it is $225.00.