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Shop Hours: Monday by Chance, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Sunday by Chance 11:AM - 5:00 PM

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Contact Information      

Please email me with your requests whenever possible.  It is much easier to be sure I process the correct items for you if I have the item list in printed form. 

Please add our email addresses to your address book of approved or safe senders.  Many email programs will delete my replies to your questions if you do not add our main email to your address book.

Here's our Email:


If your email is primarily displayed using Outlook or Outlook Express, clicking the email link will bring up an email window on your screen, and the subject line should already be filled in, saying Question from Viewer.  Please don't change the subject line before sending your email to me!  I delete more than 400 emails per day, and I don't want yours to be one of them.  Emails with this subject line are automatically separated and answered first.  A blank subject line will cause the email to be automatically deleted, and so will subject lines that just say Hi, or How's it Going? or anything that the mail program classifies as spam.

Please make sure to put the website's email address, bluemoonantiqueshop@gmail.com

in your address book; many email programs (especially AOL and RoadRunner) will delete my emails to you as spam because of the links to the website in my emails.  If your primary email is with either AOL or RoadRunner you may wish to email me by way of a web-based email such as Yahoo! or Gmail.  If you don't receive an email reply from me in a timely manner, check your Bulk Folder and/or your Deleted Items Folder.

Our shop telephone has been disconnected by me due to the appalling number of automated system calls that have nothing to do with me or my shop.  I now handle all calls on my cell phone.  If you will email me with your cell phone number, I will call that number so that you will have MY cell phone number if you need to contact me by phone.  I will not list my cell phone number on the website in order to prevent probable occurrence of the same problems associated with my now defunct land line. 

We like to devote equal time to our shop clients and web clients, so if I am with a client when you call, your call will be sent to voicemail; just so you know, any number that has been hidden so that it reads as "Unknown," "Unavailable" or "Private" will be automatically disconnected by a program on my cell phone designed to do exactly that.  If your cell phone number has been privatized by you, we will not be able to converse by phone or text. 

To text me from your cell phone, I must have email from you first as outlined above; texting or calling my cell phone must be done with YOUR cell phone; that's free for me but calling me from your house (land line) phone will cost me money, so please use only YOUR cell phone when contacting MY cell phone

Here's Our Address:

Blue Moon Antiques

138 S. Houston St.

Wharton, TX 77488-5438

We're always glad to hear from you.  Please let us know if you need additional business cards to keep with you or to give to friends, and I will send you some.  I try to include two each time I mail out a purchase, but some of my clients have told me that they 'loan' the cards to others and never get them back, so I try to keep everyone supplied!