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Client Custom Treasures

Here you will see pictures of custom pieces made for my clients from loose stones or pearls that I have acquired for them.  According to the wishes of my clients, prices are not displayed with these items.  If you find a stone on the Loose Gemstones page, or perhaps a pearl on the Loose Pearls page that you would like custom mounted into the dream piece of jewelry, let me know.  Jewelry items shown here will not be duplicated for other clients; each piece is made according to the wishes of the client, and each client has the right to a unique piece.

An estimate will usually take around two weeks, and at that time you will be able to decide whether or not to go ahead with the work.  Half of the estimate, including the price of the pearl, stone or group of stones must be paid in advance before work will commence.  Like any and all website or shop items, custom jewelry is not refundable in whole or in part.

Engagement For A Queen. 

Here is a beautiful ring made by the favorite smith of my client Jerry A. with a Green Sapphire purchased from the website on the Loose Sapphires page.  This is an engagement ring for his lady and I think it must have surprised and pleased her enormously!  Brilliant choice, going back in time to when engagement rings had lovely colors instead of just a big colorless blah in a glove-ripper mounting.  As you can see, there is no wasted or dead space here; every surface has gems and every part of the design leads to every other part in a continuous display of sparkle.  Thanks to Jerry for providing the pictures of the completed project! Below the ring, you see the original pictures of the Sapphire used as the central focus of this magnificent ring.  Possibly heated with Beryllium in the chamber, this is a very beautiful Green Sapphire measuring 8.6mm in diameter and having a depth of 5.5mm for a carat weight of just over 3.45cts.  Primary to Forest green in color, the clarity rating knocks on the door of IF and then opens the door and lets itself inside; what a lovely Tanzanian gem!

Norman's World. 

Here is one of those breathtaking surprise gifts that the rarest of men give to their ladies.  Below you will see the original pictures and description of this particular Pearl; above you see the finished product!  Our darling Ray has created for this Kasumiga Pearl a mounting reminiscent of a globe stand, right down to having the 14kt White Gold mounting free to spin around the Pearl as seen upon careful examination of those pictures.  The mounting is spare yet elegant and impressive, much like the Kasumiga Pearl it protects and much like the man who so thoughtfully planned this project.

Bronze Rainbow Kasumiga Pearl; Kasumi Kasumigaura. Yes, it really is all those colors!  Brilliant oil-slick colors of purple, pink and green on a bronzy ground.  Full drill, 13mm x 12mm. 

Kiona's Companion.

A remarkable Blue Sapphire oval mounted in Sterling Silver, this lovely ring is the result of an entirely hand carved wax design, cast by hand, hammered and polished by hand for the striking finish you see here.  Euro-shanking adds not only durability, but a nice portion of extra style as well.  The look here is definitely female, but not fussy or prissy.  The finished weight of the ring is 9.77 grams; a nice heavy ring with a smooth, low profile; perfect for a new mom who has things to do!  Of course he signed his work; that might not mean anything to most people right now, but in years to come, I think it might be a very big deal indeed. 

Marti's Faith.

This is a magnificent piece; it is 11 incredible Rubies with 19 equally incredible Diamonds mounted in 14kt Yellow Gold.  The Star Of David conveys here my lady's Jewish faith and her belief in Jesus Christ in one lovely signature piece of jewelry.  The mounting is entirely hand carved and hand cast of course and weighs approximately 12 grams.  The Rubies are 2.5mm each and are of the most amazing quality for color and clarity; Ralphi has outdone himself yet again fulfilling my requests on behalf of a client.  The Diamonds are supplied by the lady herself and range in size from 2.5mm to 1.75mm but the mounting was especially crafted by my darling Ray taking this into account, and even knowing which are the smaller ones helps very little in being able to pick them out visually.

Time Flies:  14kt Yellow Gold, F Color VS Diamond Pendant. 

This is a 10-year Anniversary gift; the engravings on the back of the pendant are of particular significance to the wedded pair and were painstakingly duplicated by my smith based on sketches tendered by the client.  There are 28 diamonds in three sizes adding up to .75cts of extremely fine quality that enhance the butterfly, which is hand cast from a hand carved wax pattern exclusive to my smith.  9.14 grams total weight. 

Jacqueline's Anchor.

I asked for Rose Gold for this fabulous Fluorite, and I sincerely wish that these pictures showed the marvelous color of the Gold, but alas, they do it no justice at all.  Below, you will see the pictures and description of the loose stone, but for now, look at the pictures above and note the amazing details of this 14kt Pink Gold wonder.  Note the decorative aspects of the triple prongs, notice the framing around all sides of the stone to protect it without detracting from its magnificence.  Note the wide double band mounting and the squared off flattening of the back of the band, note the "Genji Wheel" design that supports the stone while providing a large platform to reduce the amount of 'roll' these enormous stones tend to have when mounted.  One of a kind, I have to say that I am very impressed.  The total weight on this ring is 12.74 grams. 

Enormous Green Fluorite, Pyramid Trillion.

This is indeed a monster; it measures 18.5mm x 18.5mm x 12.1mm and weighs 21.1cts.  The color photographed very well here, so as you can see it is a wonderful clean crisp green without undue influence from either yellow or blue.  There is some faint burring to the spine edges; this will be irrelevant when the stone is mounted.  I allowed this amount of latitude because of the color, shape and cut of this stone.  It is difficult to tell in the pictures, but this shape might best be described as a pyramid with a curved base; that is the aspect presented in the picture far left, with the base actually being the presentation face of the stone.  The face is Diamond Checkerboard cut for additional sparkle in this VVS Type2 stone. 

Linda's Crown Rubies.

Lots of pictures, I know, but this pendant is more than worth this many and then some.  The largest and smallest pear are Rubies, while the middle sized one is either Red Labradorite or Andesine; it is still currently impossible to determine the difference between those two.   The three round white stones you see are White Sapphires, internally flawless.  These Rubies are beyond fabulous in terms of color and clarity; even that big one, which is 13.14cts, is VS clarity!  Mounted here by our darling Ray in 14kt Yellow Gold, the quality of the stones demanded a one of a kind mounting.  I oversaw this process from his original sketch to his carving of the wax, from the casting to the polishing to the mounting; each step completed with precision equaled only by his enthusiasm for the work itself.  10.14 grams total weight, it measures 47.5mm in length and 16mm in width at the widest point, which is across the smaller Ruby to the White Sapphires.  The beautiful open wishbone bail is integrated with the flowing design in such a way that it has its own presence at the same time as it flawlessly displays the stones to best advantage.  Magnificent!

Judith's Jewels of The Sea.

Here we started with Judith's lovely, simple Platinum necklace.  It is a unique design of a simple chain that ends in a single chain strand with a large C clasp at the end.  Using a pair of Kasumi Lake Baroque Pink Pearls and a Tahitian South Seas Black Baroque Pearl, Ray built a flat bar of White Gold and welded it to a Pearl spike for the Black Pearl at the center and used the existing side drills on the Kasumis to hold double jump rings in White Gold.  He was finishing closing up the rings when I arrived to pick this piece up and it has a wonderful dancing quality that would not have been possible in a commercial piece of jewelry.  The different levels allow the Pearls free movement while also keeping them from banging into each other.  Beautifully unique, one of a kind piece; enjoy, Judith! 

Linda's Magnificent Madeira Citrine.

Another beauty in the long line of monster stones we specialize it, this enormous, richly deep Madeira Citrine is set in one of our most popular mountings.  14kt Yellow Gold, European shank with a custom modification to the back provides the perfect frame from which to display this 18mm x 11mm, 13.15ct, IF clarity stone.  This is proof that magnificence comes along more than once in a lifetime! 

Pair of White Zircon Briolettes.

This pair measures 6.6mm x 4mm and 6.4mm x 3.7mm respectively, and has a total weight of 2.16cts.  Their origin is the famous Palin mine in Cambodia; this mine is responsible for most of the finest of the Natural White Zircon, and it should be noted here that this pair is IF clarity, meaning Internally Flawless.  They are unheated. 

Dewdrops For Karen.

Our darling Karen had a pair of interesting ear wires, shown in the center photo; they are actually Sterling, not Yellow Gold as they appear there, but I left the picture as it was to show how well this look does in Yellow Gold too.  Shown above the earrings are the Briolettes, which are Flawless Cambodian Zircon from the Palin Mine.  Our fabulous smith Ray made the 14kt White Gold caps and rings for them so that Karen could add this pair to the collection of lovely things to depend from a signature set of ear wires; something you might consider next time you wish your wires had a choice of jewels!  Kudos to Karen for being the lucky owner of these lovelies. 

Decade of Love. 

This is one of those breathtaking pieces that has a story.  Designed and commissioned by my darling Jacquie for our darling John as a 10th Wedding Anniversary gift, Jacquie had the idea clearly in her mind; the only difficulty was keeping the secret from John until the project was completed.  The picture lower left has a pair of cursive letter J's back to back resembling a butterfly; this is of course John & Jacquie.  Next is the date of presentation of the ring, which is 07-07-2009.  Then we go outside and look closely at the true marvel of this ring.  The Roman Numerals are the original wedding date, which is of course 07-07-1999; the pictures that appear to have the numbers in reverse order are a result of improper mirror settings on my new camera, so blame me instead of Ray.   Each of the heavy, solid 14kt Yellow Gold characters was created entirely by hand; no cheap pre-made mass produced material was ever even momentarily considered.  The 2mm Rubies are lovingly bezel-set in a painstaking process to protect them in their function of guarding the separation between each of the 'numbers' in the date.  Full comfort fit ring with no hollowing out on the back, upper and lower edges absolutely flat, ending in a gently beveled standing rim at the top and bottom, this ring is heavy and strong and durable; the perfect expression of timeless love.

Susan's Refit.

If you scroll down the page quite a distance, you will see this piece as a ring.  Our Susan found that she didn't wear it as much as she would like because she was fearful of having it catch on a pocket, purse etc and thought that a pendant might be just the thing.  She was right!  Ray produced the perfect bail and followed up with his usual amazing ability to produce seamless transitions from one piece to the next.  Even when told what has been done, no one will ever be able to tell that this used to be a ring.  Absolutely brilliant.

Kevan's Future.

Emerald Octagon Aquamarine, 22cts.  Brazil is the origin of this magnificent Aquamarine with VVS-IF clarity.  Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family that includes Emerald.  It measures 18mm x 15mm x 11mm for a weight of 22cts (4.4grams) and has outstanding color which is most accurately represented by the center picture of the stone alone.    The massive Sterling mounting is made distinctly feminine for Kevan's lady by the addition of four cleverly bead-faceted prongs to hold this enormous stone in place.  The European shank is further modified by the custom Round-In-Square shape that hallmarks so many of our custom pieces.  The entire ring weighs in at 22.82 grams, which is what it took to hold this very deep cut stone in a ring that still manages to have a lower profile on the finger than it seems possible! 


Carol's Keshi Pleasure.

I do wish that more of you could see this one in person; the reason you see the different background tones in these pictures is because I was attempting to find a light setting on the camera that would show you how glorious this ring truly is, but alas, no such luck.  You will be able to notice in the top center picture and in the pictures taken as side views that this ring is actually bi-colored Gold; Rose up front with the Keshi Pearl and Diamonds, White Gold at the back!  A very ambitious project, this one required two separate molds and castings; one for each of the Golds used.  The Keshi Pearl was originally thought of as a stranding Pearl, so is drilled, but Ray mounted it in such as way as to make this fact invisible unless you know exactly where to find it on one side of the Pearl.  Weighing a hefty 7.87 grams, this ring is designed for comfort and visibility.  The three Diamonds used here were supplied by the client, and are extremely clean and white, making them worthy of the Keshi and the beautiful mounting that Ray created here. 

Linda's Blue Ocean.

Here is an ambitious set of jewelry mounted in White Gold.  The Trillions are Cornflower Quartz from Africa, measuring 8mm and having a weight of a bit over 2cts each. The 3mm Rounds are White Sapphires from Sri Lanka and those magnificent Pearls are South Seas Pearls measuring 13 1/2mm in the pendant and 8mm on the ring.  The earrings are mounted on 'Baby Lever Backs' and measure 3/4" long not including bails and wires.  The pendant measures 1 3/4" long not including the bail.  The matching ring has a hammered detail that Ray painstakingly added by hand after carving the grooves to separate it from the high polished area.  This magnificent set consists of three absolutely one of a kind pieces carefully designed to work together as a team or to stand alone as three separate pieces.

Sapphire Salad With Zircon Zest.

Here is another one of a kind; there is no mold for this one, it was designed entirely with a hand carved wax.  It is heavy Sterling and designed in such a way to be easy to polish; big, smooth round-tipped prongs and stones deeply set so that the Sterling is easy to reach.  The design is caught somewhere between botanical and fanciful; what a wonderful place to be!  For color, we have a pair of Oval Cut Golden Yellow Sapphires, 5mm x 7mm each with a total weight of 1.75cts, then we have five Round Cut Orange-Red Zircons, 5mm each with a total weight of 3.15cts.  Entire stone weight for this ring then is 4.90cts.  With all that Sterling, the total weight of the ring is 12.95 grams!  Congratulations Carol; it is a singularly beautiful ring! 

Charlotte's Sphene.

This is a truly spectacular Yellow-Green Sphene with astounding Rainbow Flash and a LOT of Red Spark; the most difficult to acquire of the Sphene group.  The stone measures 8.6mm x 7.5mm x 5.3mm and weighs 2.30cts.  It is perfectly displayed here in 14kt Yellow Gold; a lovely free-flowing design created specifically for this stone by my smith.  As you see, the Euro-shank has been further modified to be round on the inside and semi-squared on the outside at the back.  The finished ring weighs 5.66 grams, so is not nearly as delicate as it appears.  The pictures don't even begin to hint at how remarkable both stone and mounting are in person.

Karen's Eye-Candy.

I want you to pay particular attention to the three photos on the top row; all three photos are taken with the ring standing unassisted on the back of its shank while on the glass ring platform I use for photos.  So beautifully is it balanced that no help from me was required!  This is a fantastic Opal Zircon; one of very few available cut across the axis of the structural grain this way; much more beautiful in person than it appears here.  The mounting started out as a wax; my smith was not content and added a number of features that he felt would create a better over-all display format for this stone and as always, he was right to do so.  In addition, the original wax was designed for a smaller stone than this one (9.3mm x 7.2mm and is 3.8mm deep for a carat weight of 3.84) so that not only did the opening have to be enlarged, but the bezel height had to be increased by nearly 100%.  Quite a heavy ring especially as women's rings are concerned, it weighs in at 7.52 grams of 14kt Yellow Gold.

Springtime For Susan.

Here's a beautiful Green Sapphire as the focal point for this wonderful design, courtesy of the talents of my smith's unique vision.  The ring weighs a substantial 5.40 grams of solid 14kt Yellow Gold; the area behind the Diamonds has had Platinum added in to make the perfect bed for those Diamonds which are from some jewelry that my lady no longer wears.  The Sapphire is IF-VVS clarity and measures approximately 5mm x 7mm; the seven Round cut Diamonds vary just slightly in size but are all in the 2mm-2.5mm range making the total gem weight on this ring right around 2cts.  You'll note that the shank is done in the European fashion rather than the American fashion which adds strength and just looks cool.  The curling ribbon effect is well sustained by the asymmetrical direction of the centerpiece and the doubled prongs on the Sapphire are both beautiful and functional.

James' 20th Anniversary Ring.

The bottom two pictures show the Blue Sapphire eyes of the two fish while they are busily fighting for possession of the lure between them.  The fish on the viewer's left (he told me the kinds of fish they are, but I forgot) has been detailed with black enamel to make his spots more visible, while the fish on the right has Diamonds mounted along his belly.  This one of a kind, 14kt Yellow Gold ring weighs 7.75 grams and is truly astonishing in person.  I had my smith use a ring that I had previously purchased for James years ago as the source for the Diamonds; James never would wear that ring, but I think it would take more than half a dozen of you to get this one off his finger.  Nice smooth fit; none of that hollowed out stuff like you would see in a recognized jewelry store!  Magnificent one of a kind jewelry can be yours too; choose some stones and either come up with an idea or let my smith and I do that part for you.

Angie's 20th Anniversary Ring.

Mine has teeth!  You'll notice that several of the pictures focus on that fact.  He has a Blue Sapphire eye and you'll see that he is chasing dinner; another tiny fish swims for sanctuary in the underwater grass.  I didn't know the little fish was there until I took the photos!  This is a size 5 ring, so that will give you an idea of how extraordinary the detail is; much more difficult to get superfine details like this on a smaller piece.  It is 14kt Yellow Gold and weighs 6.23 grams; much heavier than a woman's ring from a chain jewelry store; but who would want one from a place like that?

Seafaring Smoky Quartz Tortoise Pendant.

This is one of Ray's own Sterling creations, and what a lovely thing it is!  The stone is a Smoky Citrine, 8mm Round and was furnished by the client for this pendant.  The picture upper left is taken with the pendant on a mirror to give you as much a 3-D view as possible; the other photos are done on glass, and the three of them show how utterly invisible the bail is from every angle except upside down.  It takes extraordinary talent to achieve this, and my smith is way past extraordinary.  In its entirety, the pendant measures 1 1/4" nose to tail and 15/16" wide across the front fins. 

Dianne's Dream Come True. 

Who says Sterling can't be magnificent?  Surely no one after seeing this ring!  The client furnished this big, bold Bicolor Citrine in Forest Green/Golden Brown.  With the Diamond Checkerboard top cutting, the definition between the two colors is more blurred and elusive than it would have been in a standard Emerald Cut.  The stone's face-up is 18mm x 13mm so you see that Ray had a lot of stone to mount here!  The original casting had to be altered to include longer than usual prongs due to the size of the stone and then additional silver was added to the shank.  The band was then designed flat on top and bottom in the European fashion rather than domed in the American fashion; this lends extra durability to a Sterling piece that will be worn as a daily-wear ring.  The icing is the squared back of the shank to provide unusual comfort and durability, along with being useful as a counterweight to this very large stone to inhibit 'rolling' on the finger.  You should think about letting us create a unique piece for you too; you can't have one just like this because this one is Dianne's, but I'm sure that we can express the unique in you just as well as we did here! 

Dreams of Green; Peacock Pearls & White Sapphires in 14kt Green Gold.

Size is not well conveyed in the pictures due to a lack of anything in the photos to use for scale, but I will tell you that this ring measures just over 1 1/4" north to south; see the third row of pictures.  Eight Akoya Black Peacock Drop Pearls were used here along with a dozen 2mm White Sapphires, Diamond D color, IF clarity.  The custom made mounting is 7.6 grams of 14kt Green Gold!  Green Gold and Rose Gold will both become stronger in color over time, so you can look forward to your ring becoming even more beautiful as time goes by; how many things have that property?  This is magnificent in every way, from the unique shape of the shank to the cleanliness of the lines; from the the rich subtlety of the Pearls to the brilliant flash of the Sapphires, which once again is much more apparent in reality than my photos can show.

Rubies For Crystal; Natural Rubies in 14kt Yellow Gold Earrrings.

The Rubies measure 8mm x 6mm in a Barrel Cut, with Diamond Checkerboard cutting on the top table.  Their total weight is near 5cts.  They have outstanding color, especially when you consider the fact that I will not accept color-enhanced Rubies, which is what you are buying when you go to the big chain jewelry stores.  The mounting chosen for these Rubies is simple but extremely elegant; a nicely scrolled decorative basket with heavier than usual prongs.  The mountings convey a sense of antiquity and solidity at the same time as they speak to delicacy.  My smith alters the posts of the earrings in such a way as to insure a very snug and secure fit for the earring backs; wouldn't want to lose these!

Rose Gold Raindrops.

Here is a lovely item crafted by Ray.  It is in 14kt Rose Gold featuring Baroque Drop Black Akoya Pearls supported by seven 2mm Round cut Rubies.  It is mellow and radiant and much more stunning in person than in the pictures.  The fabulous decorative prong work is only visible upon close inspection; the hallmark of an exceptional smith is always in the details!  The softly squared back of the shank keeps the ring from 'rolling' and also diminishes the possibility of 'flattening' the back of the shank over time.  The choice for Rubies and Rose Gold was based on the heavy pink-to-purple cast of the iridescence of the three Pearls.  The ring has nice weight, coming in at 6.2 grams; about three times the weight of a commercially available ladies' Gold ring.  Even with the weight, the construction manages to convey a sense of delicacy, almost to the point of fragility, which is entirely belied by the feel of this ring on the hand.  Solid interior design insures a comfortable fit with no scratching or 'raking' as the ring is put on or taken off.  Look for something similar in the future done in the same type of Pearls, but with 14kt Green Gold and flawless White Sapphires!

Linda's Wishbone.

My lady graciously allowed me the use of her 7mm Omega to include in some of the photos of this marvelous pendant; the first piece completed for us by our new smith, Ray.  I think we're going to keep him!  The first half dozen pictures show the pendant on this 7mm Omega in order to give you a more visual concept of the size of this pendant and one of the many ways in which it might be displayed to advantage.  As you can see, the pendant itself is almost precisely 1 1/2" long.  The enormously versatile bail will allow the pendant to be worn on this very wide Omega as easily as it would work on the finest and most delicate of chains; the fabulous design sees to that.  The Wishbone mounting has a great deal of impact while allowing the magnificent Amethyst to do all of the talking.  This Amethyst is from Bolivia, weighs 12.65cts, is IF clarity and measures 21mm x 12.1mm x 8.4mm.  Tiny details became apparent to me while I was doing the photos; things like the placement of the north/south prongs and the scallop design on the basket at the base of the stone.  The balance of this piece is amazing; that huge bail is so cleverly positioned that there is no sense of having it overwhelm the stone.  Outstanding!

6.40ct Vietnam Ruby, Loose Stone.

Color is pretty well represented in these pictures; the stone is ever so slightly darker in reality.  This is a somewhat larger stone, measuring 13mm x 10mm, and has nice luster and face up appeal.  Heated but untreated, it appears below as the centerpiece of a remarkable ring.

Ruby Heirloom

Some pictures may be worth a thousand words, but these pictures do not begin to tell the story of this ring when seen in person.  The nearly 6 1/2ct Vietnam Ruby is shown before mounting, and now you see it here in all its glory and with all of its little 2mm friends; there are 27 of those, so that brings the total carat weight of this ring to 7cts, give or take 2-3pts.  This is mounted in 14kt White Gold, and the ring has a total weight of 9.80 grams; very substantial and made for a comfortable fit.  One of the things that I could not capture with my camera is the fine work between the central Ruby and the surrounding ones; there is brightwork done with the White Gold there that makes it appear as though there is a slim ring of pave mounted Diamonds present, when it truth it is the talent of my smith!

Gift of The Magus.

Here is a stunning set done in 14kt Yellow Gold with two Baroque South Seas Golden Pearls.  Every bit as heavy as they look, the pendant weighs 7.34 grams and the ring weighs 8.697 grams.  The delightful pattern of carved Gold leaves clasping these magnificent Pearls was a stroke of genius and a perfect choice, don't you agree?  Below are the pictures and descriptions of the Pearls as they appeared on the website prior to mounting:

Golden South Seas Loose Pearl, Round Button Shape.

The camera did manage to capture at least a portion of the beautiful luster and color play of this magnificent larger Pearl.  In size, it measures 11.5mm x 13.3mm.  It is not drilled, so is ready for whatever purpose you have in mind for it, whether ring or pendant.  It has natural circling, and fabulous smooth skin with excellent visual appeal from any angle.

Australian Golden Pearl, South Seas, Baroque Circles.

For those who love the Baroque Pearls, especially for those of you who love the circling sometimes present, this is your Pearl.  It has all of the natural deep color and luster with excellent color play that you could want in this saltwater work of art.  It measures 14mm x 14.5mm, and the interesting shape allows for many choices of directionality in terms of mounting as either pendant or ring.  The bigger Golden saltwater Pearls are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Ruby Rain Earrings.

Here are the dramatic earrings made to match the piece shown below.  The focus stones are 8mm x 6mm Oval Rubies, and the accent Rounds are actually 2.5mm Sapphires!  The mountings are completely hand constructed from 14kt White Gold to accept these stones, and the total weight of the earrings is 4.73 grams.

Ruby Showstopper.

A total of 35 Rubies to steal any woman's heart!  This magnificent ring has struck more people speechless than any other to date.  It is White Gold, and the rings weighs a total of 12.30 grams; the Rubies, which have fantastic color and clarity, total somewhere around 4-5cts.  The mounting is completely hand created, and each of the 35 Rubies has been securely set to show them to best advantage.  This ring is definitely heirloom quality, and it has that heirloom ambience to it as well.  It measures nearly an inch from north to south; my lady is not faint of heart.  This one is going to get second looks everywhere, and my lady should be prepared to frequently respond "Yes, it's real.  I had it custom made."

Seasons Under The Sun.

This is truly marvelous in every way.  It is an enormous pendant measuring a total of 10.5cm (105mm, or 4") from the top of the Celtic bail to the lower curve of the faux Opal droplet at the bottom!  Water, light, and air are represented here.  The top three pictures show you what we began with; the Sterling Water Dragon brooch and Vintage Faux Opal belonging to my client, supported by the VVS enormous Citrine, weighing nearly 60cts, from my selection of Loose Gemstones.  The remaining nine pictures show what happened next.  The pin-back of the brooch was removed, and the Sterling buffed to a mellow brightness, leaving the patina of age intact on the Dragon & Rider.  The "Sun" was mounted in a wide double basket, braced, and the bail was mounted to be rigid due the depth of the Citrine, and to give the Faux Opal room to dance from the lower curve of the Earth.  The sun rises behind the rider's head, and a single drop of the ocean escapes the curve of the world to sparkle beneath the Water Dragon in this epic, mythic, one of a kind pendant.

Paula's Tribute.

The top pictures show you the loose stones that were used to create this one of a kind Tribute ring in high polish Sterling.  The Oval Pink Sapphires are not quite a pair; one measures 5mm x 4mm, the other measures 5.1mm x 4.1mm  They are VVS to VS clarity, with a total weight of 0.84cts.  There are nine pieces of Round Brilliant Pink Sapphire, eight of which were used for this ring.  They are 2.7mm each, VS clarity and about 10pts each for weight.  So with less than 2cts total, we have this very impressive ring, with the stones mounted in the rub over style to give the ring a smooth low profile that makes it easily wearable every day.

Susan's Grape Candy.

This is a beautiful Purple Sapphire from Vietnam.  It is Cabochon cut and has delightful color.  A double-pronged scroll mounting in 14kt Yellow Gold holds the lovely Sapphire at a diagonal, keeping it out of the mainstream.  This one is indeed a commercial mounting that was adapted to accept this non-calibrated size Sapphire.  The color of the Gold did not photograph as well as it should have, but I think you still get the idea in respect to how fantastic this ring is in reality.  The Purple Sapphire measures 9mm x 12mm, and the completed ring weighs 5.58 grams.

King Solomon's Star.

The pictures do not display as well as I had hoped they would; this is a truly fabulous ring in person.  Star Sapphires do not always photograph well, so you really can't see the beauty of this one in the pictures as you would see it in person.  I would like for you to notice the smooth, heavy gold present even in the inside of the ring so that it will always be comfortable to wear, don, and remove.  The stone is securely by half bezels at the north and south aspects, and well protected by the bulk of the ring.  It is 14kt Yellow Gold, and bears as its centerpiece the Blue Star Sapphire that originally graced the mounting you see below; King Solomon's Pearl.  The two rings are owned by different clients; one who wanted the Sapphire, and one who wanted the mounting.  This left me in the position of 'cutting the infant in half with my sword' so that both ladies could have their ring; thus the reference to Solomon on these two pieces.  The Star Sapphire measures 6mm x 8mm, and the ring weighs a heavy 6.43 grams.

King Solomon's Pearl.

Here is a sweet pink Baroque Pearl.  The mounting is vintage 14kt Yellow  Gold with 2 Diamonds, and once held a Blue Star Sapphire of exceptional beauty.  One of my clients was enchanted by the Sapphire, one was bewitched by the mounting, so I did the only thing I could, which was to have Zenka remove the Sapphire and mount this lovely Pink Baroque Saltwater Pearl.  You will see the Sapphire on this page in the future, and it will be in a custom made mounting.  This is a dainty ring, with the Pearl measuring only about 5mm x 6mm.  The Diamonds are about 2pts each, and the ring weighs 3.16grams.

Custom Pendant & Ear Wires, 14kt Yellow Gold & White Zircon.

Centered in the pendant is the 8mm natural White Zircon, 3cts, Round Brilliant Diamond cut.  The curved Yellow Gold bars are adorned with prong mounted White Zircon from end to end, and these bars reflect the design of the ear wires made to be companions to the pendant.  Shown third row center is the pair of costume earrings that was used as a study to create this set.  For all their appearance of fragility, these are solid pieces; graceful yet durable.  The pair of earrings weighs in at 2.71 grams; a bit heavier than normal, but so well balanced that they will always be comfortable to wear.  The pendant weighs 4.59 grams, and the set together looks like around $15,000.00; suffice it to say that the set cost my lady considerably less!

Keshi Dream.

At the top, you see the pictures of the loose Keshi Pearl, and the remaining Diamonds in the two pendants belonging to this client; we used the missing Diamonds in another custom piece for this lady earlier.  The next nine pictures, of course, show the finished product, which is wonderfully directional; it does indeed look like a different ring depending on the way it is worn.  This one is done in 14kt Yellow Gold, and the ring has a weight of 6.25 grams.  I used different levels of lighting in order to better display different aspects of this Keshi Pearl; it is the softest pink in natural light, and more white in fluorescent lighting.  In any kind of lighting, this is a dynamic ring, and the Pearl has awesome luster and color play on the surface.  As you can see in some of the pictures, Zenka went to her usual trouble to keep in interior smooth and comfortable; no scratchy hollow-back rings for my clients!

Chris's Concept.

Here is the 8mm x 8mm, approximately 2+cts Cushion Princess Blue Topaz with Checkerboard top cutting that Chris chose, and below you see what was done with it to his specifications.  The mounting is 10kt White Gold with a solid box basket gallery and split front shank.  It is the perfect canvas for the stone, and the grace and elegance of this piece is priceless.  The ring weighs 4.32 grams, and the quality of this higher than usual weight is evident in the feel of the piece.   This is to be a gift for Chris's wife; she's a lucky lady, don't you think?

Large Unheated Columbian Emerald Oval, Over 9cts, Sterling Mounting.

This is truly a prize; an UNHEATED Columbian Emerald, and is still SI clarity instead of opaque.  It measures 15.8mm x 12.3mm with a shallower depth of 6.7mm, so you have a lot of face-up appeal for the 9.44cts of weight.  Beautiful rich green color; not washed out like so many of the Emeralds you see in the chain jewelry stores.  As you see, this fabulous beauty was mounted in a Sterling scroll mount that is decorative enough to be worthy of the stone it holds without overwhelming it.  A magnificent one of a kind Emerald ring.

Custom Lilac Zircon & White Zircon Ring, 14kt White Gold.

Impressive enough in the pictures, the ring is beyond belief in person!  This is a nice heavy ring made to order for a client; it weighs in at 5.89 grams of very solid 14kt White Gold.  The centerpiece of the ring is the 8mm Round Diamond cut Zircon in lovely Lilac; this stone weighs 3cts.  There are 5 White Zircon accents running down each side of the shank, 2.5mm each.  This design was modified from a picture sent to the smith, and is unique to this ring.  I will not tell you what this one cost, but I can assure you that it is dramatically less than what it would cost to have it done by a chain jeweler.

Lucy's Pink Mabe Pearl Ring, 14kt Gold.

Here is one that was made to be a companion to an Estate ring that Lucy purchased from us with a White Mabe Pearl.  The mounting is very similar to her White, but enough different to stand easily on its own.  Even in the delicacy of the mounting, this ring weighed 5.68 grams; testament again to Zenka's careful work and thoughtfulness in making a ring that is comfortable to wear because it is smooth inside instead of hollowed.  There are still a couple of Pink Mabe Pearls like this in the 10mm to 11mm size; have us make a ring for you too!

White Gold & Zircon Ring.

AAA quality Zircon here; the only natural stone that is more beautiful than a Diamond!  These three are from Cambodia, and average in weight 1.41cts each, due to their extremely heavy specific gravity.  The same size and cut in a Diamond would run around 3/4ct.  These are on the high end of VVS clarity, being nearly IF, or Internally Flawless.  Below those pictures of the loose stones, you see what has been done with them!  This is a very smooth, sleek, elegant 14kt White Gold ring, riding low to the finger and weighing a very healthy 7.8 grams.  This ring was based on the design of one of the Estate rings we had earlier, and the result shown here is similar, but so much better!  It is smooth and comfortable on the hand, and looks like a fortune on the hand.

Aussie Gold; Golden South Seas Pearl & Diamond Ring, 14kt Gold.

Here is a miracle pictured for you.  The top two pictures are what we began with; nine Princess cut Diamonds, G Color and VS clarity, plus a magnificent Australian South Seas Golden Pearl measuring 13.3mm x 13.8mm, Twin Baroque in shape.  The color is absolutely stunning, and you can see the brilliant glow of the pearl in the pictures.  The mounting was made by hand in 14kt Yellow Gold, with the 1.5mm Diamonds channel set within each of the loops that surround the Pearl.  The ring weighs a total of 11.85grams.  I am not permitted to reveal the price of the finished product, but I can tell you that it is considerably less than the actual retail value of just the Pearl; the Pearl alone is valued at $1,800.00.

Tahitian Queen.

What you see here is one of my personal rings used as a model for a client's ring.  Mine is the one on the left; the Ivory Cream South Seas Pearl estate ring in White Gold with Diamonds.  The client's ring is the one on the right; the Tahitian Pearl custom mounted in Yellow Gold with Champagne & Cognac Diamonds.  The client fell in love with my ring when she saw it on my hand, and wanted one as much like it as possible, but with a Black Pearl and in Yellow Gold. When I sent the Tahitian Pearl and the Diamonds to my smith, I sent my own ring along with the explanation of what was desired, including my own suggestion that the band on my client's ring be wider and heavier than mine, since my ring has a tendency to 'roll' because of the top-heavy design.  I also asked for just enough changes to the face up design to make my lady's ring unique unto itself, rather than a total duplicate of mine.  What you see is the end result, and you cannot possibly find it less than awesome.  My own Pearl is nearly button shaped; 14mm on the face, but not as deep due to the shape.  My lady's pearl is very slightly drop shaped, 11mm on the face and 12mm in depth, which presented a challenge all its own in terms of mounting my lady's pearl in such a way so that it does not appear as 'perched' on the band as does mine.  Of the two, I believe my lady's ring is definitely the more beautiful.  The completed ring weighs 8.17grams.

Black Gold Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Yellow Gold Ring.

Here is another Pearl beauty made with elements of my own ring for another client.  A baker's dozen of White Diamonds were used for the accenting of this one; notice the spray across the face of the Pearl, where Diamonds of descending size were mounted.  This pearl is a South Seas Tahitian Pearl in the Black Gold color, measuring 11.5mm, Perfect Round, and Flawless.  This lady also wanted the lattice type bowl used for this glorious Pearl, and the curving side brackets with five Diamonds each create the perfect surround with the look of a Tension Mounting.  Completed, this lovely thing weighs in at 8.75grams.