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Estate Jewelry

This page will have gold and gemstone jewelry that has been purchased from estates all over the country.  Gram and carat weights have been approximated, as it is not possible to get exact measurements and weights from stones while they are in the mountings.  Sizes of rings will be listed in the descriptions, and can be sized by any competent jeweler in your location, should they not already be your size.

All gemstones have been tested for authenticity, so you need have no worries about buying fakes.  Pearl rings offered in the Estate category could be freshwater Pearls or saltwater Pearls; I can't tell once they are mounted in rings where I can't hold them separately and weigh them. 


Estate Ring, 14kt YG, Asymmetrical Lace Pattern.

Weighing 3.95 grams of Yellow Gold, this ring is currently size 5.  The various pierces and openings give it a delightfully random appearance that is still very well balanced.  The face of the ring is tilted; this comes in handy if you are wearing it above a band ring so that this one rests on top of the band.  It is in very good vintage condition; the 14kt mark is very difficult to read and as you can see, was also difficult to photograph.  I think this one would readily lend itself to having stones mounted in the openings if you should so choose.  It is $145.00. 


Vintage Mexican Fire Agate Ring; Gold Head, Sterling Silver Band.

This is a wonderful example of the Fire Agates you used to be able to acquire; those days are gone.  Deep coppery brown agate has fantastic green 'walkers' and even a small amount of blue, as you can see in the photos.  The ring weighs 4.59 grams, is size 5.75 and the Fire Agate itself measures 7mm x 12mm.  The artist did not sign the piece, but place of origin can be narrowed down by the lack of a metal mark in the band or on the head; that's US work.  The ring itself shows some fine wear marks that would buff out if you wanted to take the trouble; the Fire Agate is in excellent shape, smooth and glossy with no damage.  This is not an item you will see similar any time soon.  It is $135.00. 

SOLD Fiery Opal Vintage Sterling Ring, Rope Twist Pattern.

Weighing 4.06 grams and a diminutive size 5, the north-south face of the ring is 6mm wide.  The opals are unharmed and are not chipped, which is so very important on rings like this one that expose the stones so freely.  I photographed that mark for you too, although I am forced to admit that I have no idea what it means.  This one is Sterling, in excellent shape and is only $55.00.   

SOLD Estate Ring, 10kt White Gold, "Our Love."

This sweet little ring has a tiny Diamond mounted in the very center; I did manage to photograph it for you and the picture is the one in the top right corner of the group.  the picture bottom center shows the markings, including OUR LOVE.  10kt White Gold means that it is very strong and durable and will give you years and years of trouble free wear.  The pattern of hearts around the navette shape is especially charming.  The ring weighs 2.16 grams and it is currently size 6 and it is $125.00.   

14kt Yellow Gold Estate Ring, 3 Emeralds.

This pretty ring is a size 7 and has 3 Round cut Emeralds with excellent color.  It is a dainty ring with a lovely filigree mounting that is sure to be loved.  The ring weighs a total of 1.85 grams; the Emeralds measure just over 3mm and just over 2mm, so I am estimating the total carat weight at around .25.  The ring is $125.00.

SOLD Estate 14kt Gold Pearl, Ruby & Diamond Ring.

This one is worth the nine pictures I took to present it to you.  The Pearl is smooth and has lovely luster, and it measures 6-6.5mm.  The surround is eight 1.5-2mm Diamonds and 8 Rubies about 2mm each; Diamond weight would be about .20ct, the Rubies would total around .25cts.  The ring is currently size 5 1/2, and weighs 2.5 grams.  It is in excellent condition, and truly a masterpiece.  It is $325.00.   

Estate Black Onyx & Diamond Ring, 14kt Yellow Gold.

Here's one in glossy 14kt Yellow Gold, and as is typical, the Diamond is mounted in White Gold on the face of the Oval Onyx.  The Diamond is approximately 1.5mm in a Round cut and has very good sparkle.  This one has a lot of marking I don't understand after the 14k; I believe it reads ESEMCI, and there may be one character after that; I just couldn't bring it up with my camera.  The pinwheel shape of the Yellow Gold face mounting is very attractive and adds additional substance to this very nice ring in excellent condition.  The Gold face of the ring measures about 15mm x 14mm; a very rounded oval shape.  This ring weighs 3.87 grams, is currently size 7 1/2, and is $165.00.  

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