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Hanten & Happi

Here are the cotton (and rarely silk) hanten, happi and kendo-gi, most of which are unisex.  Whenever there is obvious gender specificity, I will mention it in the description.  Where possible, I have the translations for the kanji on the collar strips and the backs of the pieces.  Great with jeans (even with shorts!) and very unique, so you are not wearing just another jacket!  I sometimes also have happis for children; view those on this page

Antique Japanese Pilgrimage Vest, 54 Stamps HH82.

Pattern: Thin, filmy white cotton with kanji in black running down the center of the back and 54 red ink stamps across the back and on the wearer's right front.
Comments: These are getting SO impossible to find, so I'm happy to have one for you, especially at this very decent price. Loose threads here and there, mostly because it is not entirely hemmed; excellent condition, especially considering the delicate nature of the cotton used.

HH82 $75.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Color: White

•Length: 26"
•Width: 19 1/4"
•Sleeve: 17 1/2" opening
•Shoulder: 18"

Antique Japanese Happi Noragi Hanten HH75.

Pattern: Not really a pattern per se, but the different color threads present in horizontal bands of very fine lines; not quite stripes. The overall color appears as a deep bluish grey or an off-black. Hard to describe (and didn't photograph well) but very attractive in its subtlety. Black cotton han eri on the collar strip.
Comments: Slight age spotting on collar strip. Black liner has long stitches of thick thread that makes me wonder if this was on its way to being a hanten. All over really nice condition.

HH75 $90.00
Material: Blend, possibly cotton/silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black, grey/taupe blended

•Length: 35"
•Width: 48"
•Sleeve: 17 1/2-5 1/2" Taper
•Shoulder: 22 1/4"


Japanese Antique Kimono Happi, Burgundy HH73 .

Pattern: Kanji and characters in white on a burgundy ground, lapel ties attached. White linear stripe across the back of the shoulders and sleeves.
Comments: This one has a charming little repair as seen in two of the pictures. Inside of cuff has reinforcement in blue dots on a white ground. Medium stiff from recent cleaning, small spot on back of right sleeve at cuff.

HH73 $65.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Very good
Color: Burgundy

•Length: 29"
•Width: 48"
•Sleeve: 10 1/4"
•Shoulder: 25"

Antique Japanese Kimono Happi, Mazes HH67

Pattern: Pattern of mazes or puzzles around the lower body in a sort of dark grey. Framed kanji at the top of each collar strip, kanji symbol encircled on the back.
Comments: Nicely soft from wear, the indigo color is beginning the fading process and is now sort of a dusty navy blue; quite attractive! Inner cuffs are brown.

HH67 Maze Happi $65.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Very Good
Color: Faded Indigo
•Length: 28 1/2"
•Width: 51"
•Sleeve: 10 3/4-9"
•Shoulder: 26"

Antique Japanese Kimono Happi, Black Shima HH65

Pattern: Standard Shima, or vertical stripe. The black and grey/white stripes make the happi look grey at a distance.
Comments: Unusual in that there is no black collar strip, no kanji at the front or back. Starchy stiff from recent cleaning.

HH65 Shima Happi $55.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black/Grey
•Length: 27"
•Width: 51"
•Sleeve: 12-9 1/2"
•Shoulder: 23 1/2"

Antique Kimono Happi, White with Bright Green. HH57

Pattern: White ground with green details, last picture shows logo located on the sleeves as well as the back. Inner cuffs
have blue dots on a white ground.
Comments: This has an agricultural feel to it; maybe it's the nearly John Deere color of green, but the logo seems
inspired by new plant growth. Nice bright piece for spring!

HH57 White & Green Happi $70.00.
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Color: White and bright green.
•Width: 44 3/4"
•Body: 20 1/4"
•Sleeve: 11"
•Length: 29" 

HH52 Navy Blue Happi.

Pattern: Navy blue with white and red Kanji. Right collar Kanji says "Matsuzaka Gion Festival." Left collar reads "Sanja Mikoshi Society." The back Kanji says "Gion," which is Kyoto's Geisha town.
Comments: Longer than usual; same length as most men's haoris.

HH52 Gion Happi: $65.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Color: Navy blue with white and red detail, white half liner and brick pattern cuff liner; white on a brown ground.
•Wrist to wrist: 52"
•Body width: 28"
•Vertical sleeve: 11"
•Length: 37" 

HH50 Happi, Delta Air Lines.

Pattern: Plain blue cotton/polyester, black collar strip, logo on left chest.
Comments: One size. Oddly, it is made in the USA! So it is a Japanese Happi made in the US, then shipped to Japan to be worn by the Delta Airlines workers and now it is back home in the US for you to enjoy this much traveled happi! There are multiple pieces, identical in every way so individual measurements will not be given for each one. The large black numbers following the size description indicate how many remain; I will delete the numbers from largest to smallest as they are sold. 

HH50 Delta Happi: $50.00
Material: Cotton/Polyester
Condition: Excellent
Color: Medium dark blue with black collar strip, no shoulder or cuff liners.
•Wrist to wrist: 50 1/2"
•Body width: 26"
•Vertical sleeve: 10"
•Length: 31" 

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HH49 Sashiko Ori Shrine Happi

Pattern: Indigo blue cotton Sashiko Ori with red and white details. Collar kanji says "Izou shrine" and back reads as "Hirayama" which would be the town's name. Brown shoulder liner matches interior edge of cuffs.
Comments: This particular cotton weave is called Sashiko Ori (stitched weave.) A Kendo jacket is almost the same fabric but thicker than this. Kendo jacket fabric is double Sashiko Ori, this Happi fabric is single Sashiko Ori. There are multiple identical pieces here, the same in every way apart from at most a 3/4" difference in the wrist to wrist measurement, so individual measurements will not be listed. The large black numbers following the measurement information indicate how many remain; I will delete the numbers from largest to smallest as they are sold.

HH49 Izou Shrine Jacket: $75.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent with some random fading to the red part of the back kanji.
Color: Indigo ground with red and white detailing, brown shoulder liner and cuff liner.
•Wrist to wrist: 55"-56" approximately
•Body width: 25"
•Vertical sleeve: 10"
•Length: 32" 

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