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Loose Gemstones

Loose Pearls can be found on the Loose Pearls page.

Here are some loose stones for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.  More loose stones are offered on these pages:

Loose Rubies & Emeralds

Loose Sapphires

Loose Topaz & Quartz 

Loose Amethyst, Ametrine & Citrine

Loose Zircon

To navigate from page to page of loose stones, click the link "Return to Loose Gemstones Home" that will be present at the top of each page, then select your next choice from the list above.

Please bear in mind that the stones will only be available for you to purchase during the time it takes me to decide their future in terms of what they shall become part of.  If you wish to decide the future of a stone yourself, you may purchase it and do with it as you will.  You may see the stone as a pendant, while I may see its future as a ring.  You may want the item mounted in sterling, while I might have it mounted in gold.  Get them while you can! 

8PC Iolite Oval Loose Gem Package. 

Total carat weight for the package is 1.50 and the stones measure each 3mm x 5mm in a Long Oval shape.  Not perfect stones, but wonderful for a cluster setting or as accents to something larger, the average clarity for the package is VS leaning to VVS.  Very slightly more purple than the pictures and the group is $40.00.   

2pc Red Spinel Lot, .55CTTW.

Two small Red Spinel for you here; I have to say that these are "Mystery Stones" insofar as they came to me by way of an estate and were unmarked but they register as Spinel on the Presidium Gem Tester.  One is Round and the inclusions you see are extremely magnified by the pictures and are nearly invisible to all but the very sharpest naked eye.  The Pear cut is cleaner and would be VVS rated; the two are sold together with a weight of .55 combined.  The Round one is 4mm and the Pear is 5mm x 3mm and they are yours for $25.00. 

7mm Cushion Aquamarine, VVS Santa Maria 1.30ct.

Seems rather a lot of pictures for one stone, but this is an incredible Aquamarine.  Beautiful clean color with no windowing or zoning, it weighs in at 1.30cts and measures 7mm x 7mm, making it not a large stone, but an excellent choice for an impressive solitaire or the center of something larger.  Extremely well cut, it is so fiery and reflective that photographing was difficult; you will be astonished and VERY pleased when it arrives at your home.  Don't wait; this stone won't!  $135.00. 

SOLD 3.05ct Peridot Oval, VVS.

NICE Peridot; 8mm x 10mm with a 6mm depth, no dead spots in the color, couldn't be prettier!  Ring, pendant, with or without accents, get this quickly; the larger cuts with excellent clarity are becoming more scarce all the time.  A bargain at only $75.00. 

4pc Group Lab Alexandrite, Round Accent Stones. 

These were purchased for a client who disappeared in the night, so to speak, so now they are yours for the taking.  Pictures are shot with fluorescent and incandescent lighting to show the medium range color change from blue-purple to pink-purple.  Total carat weight for the four of them is 1.3 and total price is $40.00. 

20pc Group Deep Red Garnet, 4mm Round Cut, 6.75cttw. 

Accents for another stone or the sum total of a lovely cluster ring or pendant, these are very nice Garnets; much prettier in person than in the pictures.  The picture farthest right best displays the actual color on my monitor.  The package goes for $100.00. 

SOLD Confetti Sunstone Cabochon, 3.90cts.

Outstanding example of Confetti Sunstone, or Confetti Quartz if you prefer.  In reality you will see a lot of tiny mica-like silver flash in this one along with the dominant red and elusive blue and green flash.  Nice size, it measures 10.3mm x 9.9mm x 5.7mm and has been beautifully polished back and front.  Examples this good are rare and this one is $90.00. 

SOLD Package of 5 Round Brilliant Confetti Sunstone, 3.41CTTW.

This will be a lovely cluster ring or perhaps a pendant; what about pendant and earrings?  Choice is yours; these are truly much more beautiful in person, when you can see the flash that the camera simply could not capture here.  The 5 piece group is $45.00. 

Faceted Oval Confetti Sunstone, Confetti Quartz, 3.68cts.   

When you receive this stone, you will be so happy with the brilliant sparkling facets, which as you can see did not photograph at all, no matter how I adjusted the lighting.  This one came to me as Red Dot Andesine, but since it is impossible to prove whether a stone is Labradorite or Andesine, I am taking the cautious way out and labeling it as Confetti instead.  In sunlight, there are tiny, tiny blue and green sparkles present too.  It measures 10.85mm x 8.14mm and is $60.00. 

Blue Rainbow on Moonstone, 4.69cts. 

This is a truly lovely piece with an excellent blue rainbow.  Not as elongated as most, this Oval Cabochon measures 11.4mm x 9.9mm x 5.7mm in size and weighs in at 4.69cts.  The internal striations are what I believe gives additional strength to the blue rainbow on this Moonstone.  Enchanting gem it is yours for $35.00. 

5pc Lot Blue Rainbow on Moonstone, Over 13cts Total Weight.

All five pieces in this group have nice rainbows; what sets them apart from most Moonstone is that they also have unusual clarity.  Some of them seem almost to have a star in the way of Star Sapphire or Star Ruby.  They average in size about 8mm x 10mm and have a combined weight of 13.4cts.  The package is yours for $100.00. 

Blue Rainbow on Moonstone, 5.8cts.

Rainbow is more subtle on this one as you can see by viewing the difficulty I had in capturing it with the camera.  Nice sizeable stone with unusual depth, it is very white and has nice translucency.  It measures 12.9mm x 8.9mm and has a depth of 7.2mm and a weight of 5.8cts.  It is $35.00.  

Black Onyx Faceted Cabochon, 4.12cts.

Measuring 11mm x 8.6mm x 6.2mm in a Diamond Checkerboard pattern on the dome, the back is left flat and unpolished for ease of mounting.  Nice size for ring or pendant, but of course I always go for the rings!  It's your call; the lint seen in the first picture is free, and the Onyx is yours for $20.00.

Princess Cut Pink Tourmaline, VS2, Excellent Color.

Good strong pink, not the pale pink that is almost all that is available anywhere else.  These precious little Princess cut Tourmalines measure 3mm x 3mm and have an average weight of .10ct to .15ct.  Above average clarity at VS2 (Pink Tourmaline is generally only available in SI or below) will make these lifetime treasures for you.  Buy one or buy a bunch; they are $20.00 each. 

SOLD White Jelly Opal Cabochons, .30ct.

Approximately 5mm x 7mm each and weighing approximately .30ct each, these are very pretty Jelly Opal cabochons.  There is no backing added to them, so the milky white base and the red/pink and green, blue and yellow fire you see in the photos are the result of the Opal itself, not the result of a clever reflective backing.  They are $5.00 each. 

7mm x 5mm Oval Top Green Peridot. 

Finally, some VVS Peridot!  I couldn't help but mention that, since almost all of the available Peridot is VS-SI, with heavy emphasis on the SI.  Not so these beauties!  At 7mm x 5mm each with an average individual weight of .85ct, they would be suitable for a single stone dainty ring, a pair of them for earrings, several for a pendant; the possibilities are yours to explore.  They are $15.00 each.

Aquamarine Oval Cut, VVS!

Lovely 7mm x 5mm, average .65ct each, these have wonderful clean blue color and the excellent VVS clarity to back that color up.  Suitable for a ring's center stone, for a pendant, for earrings; you decide!  They are $15.00 each. 

Aquamarine Marquise Cut, VVS! 

Aquamarine of good color and clarity is getting ever more difficult to acquire; these are wonderful!  Unusual Marquise cutting, beautiful light blue color with very little green and fantastic VVS clarity.  They measure 8mm x 4mm, .50ct each and they are $15.00 each. 

Black Onyx Teardrop, High Polish Dual Sided, Drilled.

This isn't a cabochon, it is polished and rounded on both sides; no flat back.  It is drilled near the point, so will be a simple matter to mount as a pendant; with the right mounting, it can be a ring too and the drill will be invisible!  Measures approximately 23mm x 10mm and it's yours for $5.00. 

Solid White Opal Navette Or Marquise.

Nice medium fire solid White Opal in a unique Navette shape; similar to a Marquise in a faceted stone.  Measures approximately 10mm x 5mm and yours for only $5.00. 

Black Onyx, White Gold & Diamond Cabochons, 8pcs.

Earrings with matching stud & dangle, earring studs with matching ring and pendant, cluster ring: the list goes on!  They measure about 5mm x 7mm each, and each is mounted in the center with a 14kt White Gold diamond shape, each containing a bright little white Diamond!  They are $15.00 each.

Solid White Opal Cabochon.

This is a small oval with medium fire; useful as an accent or as the focal stone for a pretty ring!  Measures approximately 8mm x 6mm, yours for only $5.00.

Yellow Green Sphene, Red Spark, VVS.

The VVS clarity rating in Sphene (Titanite) is getting more and more difficult to acquire and is getting more expensive all the time.  I bought some early in the game, so am still able to sell them at remarkable prices!  Sphene is difficult to photograph because try as I might, I can never get the camera to show you those amazing red sparks that the stone is so famous for.  As you can see in the pictures, this one is slightly bi-colored, which is even more desirable in Sphene.  This is a nice size, weighing 2.4cts and measuring 7mm x 9.1mm x 7mm and it is $95.00. 

Golden Cognac Sphene, Multicolor Flash, SI 3.4 Cts.

Here is a slightly larger Sphene, weighing 3.4cts and measuring 10.1mm x 7.4mm x 5.8mm; really quite large for a natural mined Sphene.  This one is the Cognac, or more golden brown color with multicolor flash visible in natural light; like all Sphene, the flash disappears under strong fluorescent light.  This one has SI clarity rating which is slightly above average for this stone and with the higher carat weight to balance the somewhat lower clarity, it is still only $95.00. 

Cushion Checkerboard Iolite, 1.15cts.

Not a large stone, but more than makes up for it with its VVS clarity; almost unheard of in Iolite.  From India, this one measures 8.5mm x 6.1mm x 3.73mm for its total weight of 1.15cts.  $65.00.

Iolite, Stylized Emerald Cut, 2.05cts.

Hard to photograph accurately, but this is a marvelous VVS clarity Iolite from India.  This unusual cutting makes the color deeper along the edges than in the center and the color seems to 'roll' back and forth with the movement of the stone; blue chasing purple and back again.  Measuring 10.14mm x 6.34mm x 4.74mm, it weighs 2.05cts and is yours for $85.00.

Red/Pink Tourmaline (?) Oval, .60ct.

This is part of a group of stones that I came across recently while cleaning out drawers in one of my cabinets.  The paperwork was no longer present, and I have no memory of having acquired this stone.  On the Presidium Gemstone Tester, it tests as Tourmaline.  The little Oval measures 4mm x 6mm for a weight of .6ct; not a large stone but one with more presence than the photos imply.  In reality, it is a rich strong red with a purplish pink cast.  VS clarity, it would make a nice center stone for a cluster ring.  $20.00.  

4pc Lot Of Pyrope Garnets, 1.50cttw.

From my mystery stone group, this lot tests as Garnet, and the color says Pyrope.  VS clarity and top notch color without zoning or windowing, these little ovals measure each approximately 3mm x 5mm with varying depths.  The combined weight is 1.50cts, and the package is yours for $25.00. 


SOLD Aquamarine, Santa Maria 7 Ovals 3mm x 5mm.

Much stronger than average color, generally known as Santa Maria, the clarity listing on these is VS, but I think that is ultra-conservative.  They are actually more like VVS, and are reallly quite extraordinary.  I bought these right, so even with the very good clarity and excellent color, this package is only $35.00.

Pair of Spessartite Garnet Cabochons, Oval.

Here is a pair of future earrings or a bypass ring in an edible orange shade of Garnet, the Spessartite.  These are the color of high end Amber, and have the same sort of natural inclusions, but are still highly translucent and have a striking beauty.  They measure about 8.6mm x 7mm each, and have a total weight of 5.55cts.  From Nigeria to you, this pair is only $35.00.

Excellent Blue Kyanite Oval.

A gift to us from Kenya, here is a natural Blue Kyanite, untreated and still VS2 clarity; as you know, most Kyanite is very cloudy or silky.  This one has the same sort of natural internal formations seen in natural Blue Sapphire, and the color of this particular Kyanite rivals any Sapphire!  It is a long Oval cut, measuring 10mm x 5mm x 4mm for a weight of 2.1cts.  Such a charming ring could be made from this very high quality stone.  It is $65.00.

Dark Red Spinel Oval.

This stone is the color of the flesh of a Bing Cherry.  It is VS clarity, and deeply, profoundly red, and measures 8mm x 5.7mm with a depth of 3.85mm for a weight of 1.4cts.  A lovely centerpiece stone for your choice of jewelry, it is $55.00.

Pair of Deep Red Spinel Ovals.

A perfect match to the single Oval above, this pair of Spinels shares the same clarity of VS and color tone of Dark Red.  With a total carat weight of 1.58, these Ovals measure approximately 7mm x 5mm x 3mm each, and with a Mohs rating of 8, are an excellent choice for everyday wear.  This pair is $65.00.

Solid Australian Opal Disc.

This is a connieseur's Opal; the tiny sparkles are more visible in some lights than in others, and I think this one might be best suited to an open but protective mounting; perhaps a double-sided pendant.  It is mainstream in size, being just over 14mm in diameter and 3.5mm in depth.  This is solid Opal, not a doublet or triplet, and has its own breed of charm.  It is $35.00.

Emerald Cut Garnet, 2.85cts.

This is a magnificent African Garnet, which did not photograph as well as I had hoped it would; in reality it is a good clean red with just the barest hint of coral pink flash chasing the red sparks.  Most of you will have noticed that Garnet is generally cut in Ovals or Rounds; an Emerald cut leans closer to the unusual. It measures 9.2 x 7.1 x 4.2 mm in size, so will fit a 9x7 mounting with no trouble if you elect to have it mounted locally.  This one is on the border between VVS and IF for clarity, so you will be purchasing a stone to treasure forever.  It is $35.00. 

Tiny Marquise Cut Tourmaline, Bright Deep Pink.

I must tell you that while my experience stubbornly insists that this is a Tourmaline, the gem actually tests as Spinel; having unusually high Thermal Conductivity.  It is a tiny stone, best used as the center of a brilliant cluster ring or pendant, but I could not pass it up due to the color, which photographed very well indeed.  This baby measures 6mm x 3mm in a Marquise cut, and due to my uncertainty of identification, it is only $5.00.

Tiny Marquise Cut Tourmaline, Bright Golden Yellow.

Exactly as the stone above, my mind insists that this is Tourmaline, while the Gem Tester insists with equal fervor that it is Spinel.  Again, it is a very small stone, best used for a centerpiece in a cluster of dynamite color, it measures 7mm x 3mm and it is $5.00.

5 Red Spinel Ovals.

These are 6mm x 4.8mm Ovals, unheated, with a very slight brown/orange cast to an otherwise Pigeon Blood red color.  This is old pre-embargo Burma Spinel, which explains this level of color richness without heating.  The lot weighs a total of 4.2cts, and they are VS to VVS clarity.  The group of 5 stones sells for $60.00.

Beautiful Blue/Green Fluorite, Concave Cut.

Oh how pretty it is!  A nice medium sized stone measuring 12mm x 10mm with a depth of 5.9mm and a carat weight of 4.7, this has the most beautiful ocean blue color.  The color, for a change, is pretty well represented by the photographs.  It has a nice broad table and a Concave cut on an Emerald Cushion shape.  Dynamite stone, it is both untreated and unheated, and it is $65.00.

Natural African Aquamarine Lot, 4 Ovals.

These are not heated or treated in any way, and the color is a wonderful light icy Blue, well represented by the photos here.  They measure 7mm x 5mm and are 3.6mm in depth, and the lot weighs a collective total of 2.8cts.  They are VS clarity with excellent brilliance, and this lot is $40.00.