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Loose Rubies & Emeralds

Loose Pearls can be found on the Loose Pearls page 

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Here are some loose Rubies and Emeralds for you; some are accent sizes, some are centerpiece sizes.  Those shown in multiple-stone packages are sold only as the whole package, and when multiple same-size packages are offered, there will be a number/letter designation at the end of the title line.  Please include this identifying code when ordering, so that you will be certain to receive exactly the package you want.

Loose Ruby Round, Cherry Red.

At only .45ct, this little Round Ruby from a recent estate sale will be a nice center for a dainty ring; surround it with White Sapphires and it will be truly regal!  This pretty thing measures only 5mm in diameter and is shallow at only 2mm but does have very nice color and decent translucence; I would gauge it to be SI for clarity.  Nice glossy surface and good cutting on this smaller example, it is yours for $30.00.  

Teardrop or Pear Cut Natural Ruby, 3.0ct.

The pictures make the Ruby appear much more neon pink in one light and obviously purple in another light; neither of these colors is accurate, but I would suggest that the closest pictures are the ones on the top row.  The reality is better; it is more red than those pictures and the color is exceptionally nice for an untreated Ruby.  Good translucence and good return fire from the faceting, although it doesn't show up in the pictures, this will be an excellent stone for a ring or centerpiece stone to something larger for those of us who appreciate the Natural Ruby.  It measures 13mm x 7mm x 3.5mm and weighs in at 3.0cts.  $125.00. 

Pair Barrel Cut Rubies #1, 5.15cttw.

The picture center top reflects the match of the stones best; the other pictures seem to create differences in color between the two stones that are not apparent in reality.  This 'pair' is best suited to a ring and pendant rather than earrings; one has substantially more depth than the other.  These are untreated Rubies; no waxing, oiling, borax filling or other unnatural treatments designed to make a poor Ruby look like a good one.  Both SI1-SI2 Rubies measure 8mm x 6mm on the face and they are Diamond Checkerboard cut on the top.  The two of them goes for $70.00. 

Pair Barrel Cut Rubies #2, 4.85cttw. 

This pair is better matched for depth, making them a natural choice for earrings to go with the pair above!  The three C's are the same; Color, Cut, Clarity to go with those others.  Both again measuring 8mm x 6mm with the Diamond Checkerboard tops and a slightly smaller carat weight, this pair is $60.00. 


Loose Emerald Oval Pair.

A pretty pair of Emerald Ovals for you; very nice color and unexpected clarity; I would judge them between SI and VS.  Not truly a pair because of the difference in depth of cut, I doubt anyone would know unless you pointed it out and showed the stones closely and from a side view, they measure 4mm x 6mm on the face and weigh a combined total of .80cts.  The pair of them is yours for $10.00.     

Single Star Ruby Cabochon #2, 3.20ct. 

This one is nearly round, measuring 6.5mm x 7mm and as mentioned, weighs 3.20cts.  Purplish red and polished only on the top face, I tried several types of lighting conditions to be able to photograph the star, but failed.  In reality it is very similar in color to the #1 stone above, but I went ahead and used these pictures to show the effect of the polish only on the top of Single #1 and Single #2.  This one is also $20.00.  

1.15ct Unheated Columbian Emerald.

The color in reality shows a little deeper than the pictures here imply; really a very nice color.  Good translucency too; especially for an unheated stone.  It is deep cut, and measures 7mm x 5mm on the face.  Beautiful little natural stone, it is $40.00.

Loose Ruby, 2.55cts.

I promise you that it is not so nearly pink as the pictures portray it; it is a pink tone, but is definitely red.  This is a nice everyday size Ruby, measuring 9mm x 7mm and weighing 2.55cts.  It has nice luster, and could easily stand alone as a solitaire, or have some fun with accent stones, as you choose.  It is from Vietnam and has been heated, but not oiled or otherwise enhanced in any unnatural way.  It is $50.00. 

Lot of 11 Marquise Emerald Accents, Columbian.

These tiny babies would be a good choice as accents to a larger stone, or even all by themselves in an interesting cluster ring or pendant.  They actually have wonderful luster, and they are SI-1 to VS2 in clarity, with fantastically rich color.  They each measure 3mm x 1.5mm with a depth of 1.4mm each and they are completely untreated and unheated.  The lot is $55.00. 

SOLD Untreated Brazilian Green Emerald, 2.85cts.

I normally don't provide Cabochons, but this one is an exception because of its unusually good color, which is much stronger in person.  It is primary green, and has a slightly rounded back aspect, which is how it is shown in the first picture.  This would allow the stone to be mounted as a pendant that is open on both sides; there is no bad side to this Emerald!  It weighs 2.85cts and measures 10mm x 7.5mm x4.7mm.  It is translucent with the silk normally present in an untreated Emerald.  $75.00.


Package of 6 Loose Rubies, 6B.

Here is a package of loose Rubies for you.  The package of 2mm stones weighs .05ct at 2mm each.  Clarity is VS-SI.  The5 package is $4.00.

Package of 12 Loose Rubies, 12B.

Package 12B weighs .11ct of 2mm stones.

Clarity is VS-SI.

Package is $6.00.


Package of 12 Loose Rubies, 12C & 12D.

Package 12C, on the left, weighs .12ct of 2mm stones.

Package 12D, on the right, weighs .12ct of 2mm stones.

Clarity is VS-SI.

Each package is $6.00.


Package of 24 Loose Rubies, 24A.

Package 12A weighs .24ct of 2mm stones.

Clarity is VS-SI.

The package is $10.00.

Package of 24 Loose Rubies, 12D, 12E.

Package 12D, left, weighs .23ct of 2mm stones.

Package 12E, on the right, weighs .23ct of 2mm stones.

Clarity is VS-SI.

Each package is $10.00.