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Men's Kimono

SOLD Men's Japanese Antique Kimono, White MK61.

Pattern: All white, no crests or patterns.
Comments: Very faint spotting at the cuffs at shoulder point would not photograph for me; not very noticeable and should come out with cleaning if it bothers you.

MK61 $70.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Near excellent
Color: White

•Length: 54 3/4"
•Width: 50 3/4"
•Sleeve: 21"
•Shoulder: 23 1/2"

Men's Japanese Antique Kimono, White MK60.

Pattern: Entirely white, including liner.
Comments: Some very light spotting at the top edge of the sleeve at the cuff; most likely will come out with cleaning and couldn't get it to show in photos. Some minor spotting in liner that is not visible from outside.

MK60 $70.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Near excellent
Color: White

•Length: 55 1/4"
•Width: 51 3/4"
•Sleeve: 21 1/4"
•Shoulder: 24 1/2"

SOLD Men's Japanese Antique Kimono For Monk MK59.

Pattern: Looks like Ro but feels almost like sha; could be a blend.
Comments: As shown in the photos, the inner straps are quite worn, while the outer straps are nearly perfect. Not sure how this happens. There are cords attached inside at the point where the sleeve begins at the body's shoulder; no idea what those are for, but wanted you to know about them. This is the more formal monk's kimono, sheer with the very long sleeves that must be pushed back to expose the hands.

MK59 $90.00
Material: Silk sha, ro, blend?
Condition: Very good
Color: Black

•Length: 49 1/2"
•Width: 90"
•Sleeve: 36"
•Shoulder: 20 1/2"

SOLD Men's Japanese Antique Kimono, Monk's Ro MK58.

Pattern: Ro silk with ties inside and outside.
Comments: Repaired area and pinholes as shown in photos. Box pleats all around the skirt; due to the relatively short sleeves, I think this one is also working attire.

MK58 $80.00
Material: Silk Ro
Condition: Good
Color: Black

•Length: 42"
•Width: 47"
•Sleeve: 17"
•Shoulder: 20"

SOLD Men's Japanese Antique Kimono For Monk MK57.

Pattern: Basic black working kimono, ties inside and outside. Textile feels like a blend to me. Very solid texture.
Comments: Half liner in light blue/grey. Side pleats only.

MK57 $80.00
Material: Silk or silk blend
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black

•Length: 52 1/4"
•Width: 55 1/2"
•Sleeve: 20 1/2"
•Shoulder: 25 3/4"

SOLD Men's Japanese Antique Kimono MK56.

Pattern: Basic black silk kimono, crest appears to be swords and hearts.
Comments: Blue silk liner has the papery feel of a silk blend or raw tissue silk.

MK56 $80.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black

•Length: 49 3/4"
•Width: 49"
•Sleeve: 20"
•Shoulder: 23 1/2"

SOLD Men's Japanese Antique Kimono, 5 Crests, Shortened MK55.

Pattern: Basic formal black kimono; this one has been shortened but this is easily removed to retrieve the additional length. 5 crests of what appears to be palmetto fans or spades.
Comments: Liner silk has that papery feel that leads me to think it is either raw or perhaps a blend.

MK55 $80.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black

•Length: 53 1/4" + additional 4" in waist hem
•Width: 50"
•Sleeve: 20 1/2"
•Shoulder: 24 1/2" 

SOLD Japanese Antique Formal Kimono For Men, MK54

Pattern: Men's basic formal kimono, black shell with blue silk liner. The crest is "Four square eyes,encircled"
Comments: Somewhat heavy due to the liner; probably considered an autumn and winter kimono rather than spring and summer. Crest matches Men's Haori MH110.

Kimono MK54 $75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black

•Length: 126cm (49.6inches)
•Width: 130cm (51.2inches)
•Sleeve: 50cm (19.7inches)
•Shoulder: 64cm (25.2inches)

SOLD Men's Antique Japanese Kimono Yukata Miura Shibori MK53.

Pattern: Men's yukata with an all over square pattern in shibori called Miura Shibori. The technique is Sou Shibori and it is highly valued.
Comments: Tradtional indigo and white; nearly excellent condition but there is a slight discoloration on the collar edge that should come out with laundering.

Men's Yukata Y689 MK53 $75.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Very Good
Color: Navy blue
•Length: 133cm (52.4inches)
•Width: 138cm (54.3inches)
•Sleeve: 46cm (18.1inches)
•Shoulder: 70cm (27.6inches)

SOLD Antique Japanese Kimono, Buddhist Monk, Red Silk MK47

Pattern: Plain red silk; no pattern at all. The silk is glossy red Habutae and is very heavy.
Comments: It is a Buddhist monk's kimono called Soken, worn over a white kimono. This is the very big sleeved ceremonial kimono. There are stains on the sleeves. Some or all of it may come out with cleaning, but with all the draping of the fabric, these are not that noticeable.

MK47 Buddist Red Kimono $125.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Good
Color: Red
•Length: 118cm (46.5inches)
•Width: 228cm (89.8inches)
•Sleeve: 92cm (36.2inches)
•Shoulder: 52cm (20.5inches)

SOLD MK42 Antique Kimono & Haori Set, Men's Daikokuten.

Pattern: Men's Haori liner is Daikokuten of the Seven Lucky Gods. The fabric is patterned blue and grey,  glossy Tsumugi silk. The tiny 'tortoise' pattern makes the silk look taupe colored at a distance.
Comments: This is a Kimono and Haori ensemble set for casual occasions; no family crests. It is almost in excellent condition; some stains in the kimono lining near shoulder; haori is pristine.

Kimono and Haori MK42 $110.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Very Good condition
Color: Grey
•Length: 133cm (52.4inches)
•Width: 136cm (53.5inches)
•Shoulder: 63.5cm (25 inches)
•Sleeve: 49cm (19.3inches)         

MK17 Men's Summer Wool Kimono Haori Set.

This is a lightweight summer wool in dark blue.  The kimono is completely unlined, and as you can see in the picture top right, has a very small moth hole (about 1/8") on the top of the left shoulder.  The matching haori is lined only in the upper body (picture lower right), the sleeves are unlined.  A nice everyday set, and priced right, too!  The set is $85.00.