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Men's Juban

SOLD Men's Antique Japanese Kimono Juban MJ34.

Pattern: Men's Juban with tea utensil pictures on the back.
Comments: Glossy light blue silk in excellent condition.

MJ34 Juban, $$75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Light blue

•Length: 138cm (54.3inches)
•Width: 138cm (54.4inches)
•Sleeve: 47cm (18.5inches)
•Shoulder: 68cm (26.8inches) 

Antique Kimono Men's Juban, Old Homeplace, MJ33.

Pattern: Houses and trees along the river on a light blue ground.
Comments: Synthetic (polyester, most likely) juban with shitsuke still in place, unlined.

MJ33 Blue Juban, Homeplace $65.00.
Material: Synthetic
Condition: Excellent Condition
Color: Light blue
•Length: 143cm (56.3inches)
•Width: 138cm (54.3inches)
•Sleeve: 48cm (18.9inches)
•Shoulder: 70cm (27.6inches)

SOLD Antique Kimono Men's Juban, Blue Silk, MJ32.

Pattern: Landscape of house, ship and pine tree on a blue silk ground.
Comments: Shitsuke (basting threads) still in place on this lined silk juban.

MJ32 Blue Silk Juban, House and Ship $95.00.
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Light blue
•Length: 143cm (56.3inches)
•Width: 136cm (53.5inches)
•Sleeve: 47cm (18.5inches)
•Shoulder: 70cm (27.6inches)

Antique Kimono Men's Juban, Square Frames in Wool MJ31.

Pattern: Streams, lobsters and plum trees in square frames.
Comments: Amazingly soft, smooth wool juban, unlined and perfect for year round wear.

MJ31 Wool Juban, Lobster Squares $75.00.
Material: Wool
Condition: Excellent
Color: Dark grey
•Length: 133cm (52.4inches)
•Width: 134cm (52.8inches)
•Sleeve: 47cm (18.5inches)
•Shoulder: 66cm (26inches)

SOLD Antique Japanese Kimono Men's Juban MJ30.

Pattern: Dyed pattern of geometric shapes with scenery on a ground of small checks. Blue liner feels like a silk/cotton blend but may be all silk.  The color is best represented by the first picture, top left. 
Comments: A couple of small spots that are not very noticeable and will most likely come out with cleaning if they bother you. Nice lined jubans are getting harder to come by; most of them are hitoe here lately. This one is around 30 years old.

MJ30 Brown Juban, Scenery Frames $70.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Very good
Color: Brown/Taupe
•Length: 52"
•Width: 48 3/4"
•Sleeve: 19 1/2"
•Shoulder: 24 3/4" 

SOLD Antique Japanese Kimono Men's Silk Shibori Juban MJ29

Pattern: Wonderful shibori of different sizes and types on the Tsumugi silk ground. I believe the circular patterns are Genji Wheel. The silk of the liner is slightly different in texture from the shell; it feels like it COULD be hand loomed silk, but that is just the feeling I get from it, I have no concrete evidence to substantiate my opinion. Notice at the bottom there are finished side slits; this is something I've only seen once before. I don't know if it means anything or not, but thought it was worth a mention!
Comments: A couple of small vague stains on the shell at the bottom; not noticeable. Also some insignificant stains in the lining; the collar is stained and this will most likely come out with cleaning. This one has the atmosphere of considerable age; the garment is completely sound and wearable and I think the feeling of age results from the color, which is an off-black that seems charcoal brown in some lighting. That color tone is most often found in black silks from the Taisho Period or possibly late Meiji, but I think this one is probably late Taisho or early Showa.

MJ29 Genji Wheel Shibori Juban $115.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Vintage Excellent
Color: Off Black, Black/Brown
•Length: 54 1/4"
•Width: 51"
•Sleeve: 20"
•Shoulder: 25 1/2" 

Antique Japanese Kimono Men's Grey Silk Shibori Juban MJ28

Pattern: This appears to be a bluish grey shibori pattern on a black ground, making the garment appear to be a dark grey at a distance. There is an additional pattern of cloud shapes with suggestions of boat sails, blossoms and other things so vague as to escape me. I find the shibori patterning to be extremely unusual and cannot say how it was accomplished.
Comments: Shitsuke present on sleeves. All around excellent condition and the date eri is clean. Nice contrasting silk liner; this is a very beautiful and unique garment.

MJ28 Grey Shibori Juban $95.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Bluish Grey & Black
•Length: 51"
•Width: 49 1/4"
•Sleeve: 19 1/4"
•Shoulder: 25 1/2" 

Antique Japanese Men's Kimono Juban, Blue, MJ27.

Pattern: This is called "The March of Daimyo" or something very similar to that. The varied forms of shibori are an excellent backdrop to this main focal point. Interestingly, the pattern on the back flows from the left side of the body all the way across the back of the right sleeve, rather like a woman's houmongi kimono; very unusual. Also, it should be noticed how the shibori pattern matches up so well at the seams where the body of the juban connects to the sleeves.
Comments: Very nice silk Juban with excellent touch and flow. A few tiny spots, not very noticeable and would likely come out with dry cleaning if they bother you. In the picture where I am pointing out the small mark on the silk, the dark circular area is a shadow from my pressing against the fabric; it is not a stain. The liner is a complimentary shade of blue silk, giving the Juban nice weight, but it is still wearable for all seasons.

MJ27 Men's Blue Juban, Daimyo $95.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Very Good
Color: Blue
•Length: 53"
•Width: 46"
•Sleeve: 15"
•Shoulder: 23 1/2" 

SOLD Antique Japanese Kimono Juban MJ26

Pattern: Men's Juban with landscape picture; old houses, river and mountains depicted.
Comments: It is light grey leaning toward taupe silk in excellent condition.

MJ26 Taupe Landscape Juban: $85.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent Condition
Color: Light Grey/Taupe w/Navy Blue Collar Strip
•Length: 130cm (51.2 inches)
•Width: 130cm (51.2 inches)
•Sleeve: 48cm (18.9 inches)
•Shoulder: 64cm (25.2 inches) 

Men's White Cotton Hadajyuban Size L.

The White Cotton Hadajyubans for men and women will be the only newly manufactured garment I will present; they are so very useful in so many ways from traditional to non-traditional that I had to go ahead with stocking them. 

Size L, $55.00 In Stock
Length: 26 3/4"
Wrist to wrist: 46 1/2"
Sleeve drop: 9"
Body width: 26" 

SOLD Men's White Cotton Hadajyuban Size LL.

Size LL, $55.00 In Stock
Length: 27 1/2"
Wrist to wrist: 51"
Sleeve drop: 9 1/2"
Body width: 29.1"

If your chosen size says Temporarily Sold Out, email me from the contact link to reserve one from the next shipment!