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Mystic Topaz 

SOLD Mystic Mai Tai Topaz Designer Ring.

The overhead shot shows what a unique shape this ring has.  It is square, and yet it is not!  Very comfortable, with a lot less 'rolling'.  The stone mounted here is a 7mm Round cut Mystic Mai Tai Topaz.  The actual color is a peachy deep pink, and this unique ring is $80.00.

SOLD Mystic Yellow Topaz With Helenite Ring.

What a fantastic stone this is.  The Emerald Cut center stone is 8mm x 6mm, and the bright yellow flash and sparkle of this stone is almost beyond incredible!  It is dramatically and perfectly accented by the pair of Trillion Cut, 5mm, Emerald green Helenite accent stones.  Flashy, dramatic, yet somehow still very dignified, it is $65.00.

Mystic Fire And Red Topaz Ring.

This is a nice, slightly more petite ring.  It is a Mystic Fire Topaz in the center, measuring 9mm x 7mm, flanked by two oval cut rare red topaz, each measuring 6mm x 4mm.  The unique, hand made diagonal mounting makes this a real winner!  It is $125.00.

Mystic Sunset Topaz & Pyrope Garnet 3-Stone Ring.

This picture comes a bit closer to displaying the actual color of the Mystic Sunset Topaz Pear Cut center stone in this ring.  The beautiful cognac/hot pink color of this 9mm x 7mm pear is perfectly accented by these phenomenal Emerald Cut Pyrope Garnets, which each measure 4mm x 6mm.  It is an electrifying combination of color, and these stones had their mounting especially constructed for them by my smith.  Fabulous one of a kind ring, it is $160.00. 

White Rainbow Topaz

Technically a part of the Mystic Topaz group, the White Rainbow is the group that is based on white, rather than on blue. 

SOLD White Rainbow Orange Moon Topaz & Peridot Ring.

Of the White Rainbow group, one of the most amazing is the Orange Moon.  The intensity of color is striking, and seems to be further enhanced by whatever is mounted with it.  The center stone is an Oval cut measuring 10mm x 12mm, and it is accented here with a Round cut Peridot on each side measuring 5mm each.  You can't help but notice that in each of the pictures, the center stone appears to be a different color.  This is how the ring actually appears in person; there is every possible color present here, with the dominant center colors being orange,, coral, and pink.  The outer edges display yellows, blues, greens, and every possible combination of the colors.  This is a custom-altered mount, and it is $145.00.

SOLD White Rainbow & Peridot 3 Stone Vertical Ring.

This one evokes thoughts of butterflies and crowns; you choose the thought that suits you best!  In this ring, petite stones still make a powerful statement!  The top and bottom stones are Princess cut Peridot measuring 3mm x 3mm, and the center stone is the White Rainbow Mist in a Round cut measuring 4mm.  All of the colors are present and accounted for, and this one is $70.00.