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Other Garments For Men   

Unusual Japanese Happi, Purple With Chains, JM80.

Pattern: Pattern of chains in various sizes done in black, white and burgundy on a medium-light purple ground.
Comments: A couple of snags as photographed, also there are safety pins holding the hem; not sure if they are meant to shorten the garment or just hold the placement until final seaming. The interior of the collar strip at the neck is also not sewn, almost as though the garment was never completely finished, but I will leave that to you. Unlined body, self lined cuffs, made in the shape of men's haoris including partially sewn closed outer sleeve. Almost surely synthetic.

JM80 Purple Chain Happi, $65.00
Material: Synthetic
Condition: Excellent
Color: Medium-light purple

•Length: 34"
•Width: 52 1/2"
•Sleeve: 20"
•Shoulder: 24 3/4"

SOLD Unusual Japanese Happi, Hawaiian Shirt, JM79.

Pattern: The overall color and arrangement of blossoms on this one makes me think of the old Hawaiian shirts for some reason. Body is primarily purple, sleeves are robin egg blue. Body is unlined and cuffs are lined in the same purple as the body.
Comments: Vague stains present on sleeves which may come out with cleaning; not very noticeable. Line of fade or discoloration across the back, most likely from perspiration and I've priced it accordingly. Made in the shape of a man's haori except for lack of closed outer sleeve.

JM79 Hawaiian Shirt Happi, $50.00
Material: Synthetic
Condition: Very Good
Color: Purple & Blue

•Length: 31"
•Width: 50"
•Sleeve: 19"
•Shoulder: 24"

Unusual Japanese Happi, "Chicken Wire" Blocks, JM78.

Pattern: Wavy lines in alternating blocks reminiscent of chicken wire, thus the name given to this one. 'Wire' blocks alternate with solid blue; a pattern of flowers and arcs rests on top of both.
Comments: Unlined body with self-lined cuffs, made in the shape of men's haoris including partially sewn closed outer sleeve. Most likely synthetic.

JM78 Chicken Wire Happi, $75.00
Material: Synthetic
Condition: Excellent
Color: Blue

•Length: 34"
•Width: 58"
•Sleeve: 20 1/2"
•Shoulder: 25 1/4"

Unusual Japanese Happi, Vertical Stripe, JM77.

Pattern: Wine-brick stripes alternating with off-white stripes. Self-lined cuffs.
Comments: Purple liner shows fading compatible with a line of faint discoloration on the outside across the back, most likely from perspiration and I've priced it accordingly. Some smudges and noruki present; may come out with cleaning and not as noticeable as you might think. Almost certainly synthetic fabric. Made in the shape of a man's haori including partially sewn closed outer sleeve.

JM77 Vertical Stripe Happi, $50.00
Material: Synthetic
Condition: Very Good
Color: Brick & Eggshell

•Length: 31 1/2"
•Width: 51"
•Sleeve: 20 1/2"
•Shoulder: 24"

SOLD Unusual Japanese Happi, Green, Brick, Reversible, JM76.

Pattern: Hunter or Forrest green with brick trim on one side, brick with green on other side. Same pattern is on each fabric and this was is obviously made to be worn either way.
Comments: Most likely silk, but listing as synthetic due to lack of available thread for burn test. Truly reversible garments are exceedingly rare, this is an excellent example of the pure craft of Japanese garment making. Made in the shape of a man's haori including partially sewn closed outer sleeve.

JM76 Reversible Happi, $125.00
Material: Synthetic?
Condition: Excellent
Color: Brick/Green

•Length: 35 3/4"
•Width: 57"
•Sleeve: 20 1/2"
•Shoulder: 24 1/2"

Japanese Samue Samu-e Jacket & Trouser Set OM40.

Pattern: These are a solid indigo blue so dark that they appear almost black. They are soft and supple to the touch and will be very comfortable. I think them suitable for outdoor wear as well as indoor, so no worries there. And because they (I have multiple sets) are new and a special purchase, the price is VERY nice too!
The trousers have elastic at the back of the waist and drawstrings with a button fly and elastic at the bottom hems.
The jackets are box sleeves with very little taper and the jacket overlaps and ties, has a single button where the collar strips cross and has a single pocket on the left. Jacket is square hemmed with a small slit at the side-seam on each side.

Comments: Originally the working clothes of Zen monks, over time Samu-e became translated simply as 'working outfit.'

I think Kiro had the opportunity to buy them because it was probably one of those things where more of them were made up than the hotel's order asked for or they were the wrong size or something like that. The hotel's name is embroidered on the bottom of the jacket's right hand collar strip in light blue; Kiro says it reads: Kitakyushu-Yawata-Royal Hotel.

These are Japanese size LL which I think would translate to an American Large, give or take a bit. They are pretty big, but I can't say whether or not they will shrink any with washing; most likely not, because I believe the days of that kind of cotton being used are long past. Either way, it is always better that they should be too big than they should be too small. I have multiple pieces and they are identical in every way; no additional sizes, colors, patterns, etc.  As always, remember that the measurements are taken horizontally or vertically with the item lying flat, so the waist and/or body width measurements should be doubled, with the resulting figure compared to your own measurement.

Samue Set OM40, $65.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: New
Color: Indigo

Jacket Size:
•Length: 31 1/2"
•Width: 55"
•Sleeve: Tapers from 11" to 9 1/2"
•Body width: 23 1/2" closed and buttoned;
(47" - 50" chest should be fine)

Trouser Size:
•Length overall: 43"
•Inseam: 30"
•Waist relaxed: 19"
•Waist maximum: 25" 

SOLD Antique Kimono Brown Silk Umanori Hakama, OM38.

Pattern: Traditional pinstripe pattern.
Comments: Trouser type Umanori (horseback riding) Hakama.

OM38 Umanori Hakama, $65.00.
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent Condition
Color: Dark brown
•Length: 80cm (31.5inches) 

Antique Kimono Hakama, Kendo, Black, OM37.

Pattern: Plain, solid black, no pattern.
Comments: Trouser type Hakama for Kendo training, 65/35 polyester/cotton fabric.

OM37 Kendo Hakama, Black, $65.00.
Material: Synthetic blend
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black
•Length: 82cm (32.3inches) 

Antique Kimono Hakama, Kendo, Black OM36.

Pattern: Plain fabric, no pattern, glossy black polyester or other synthetic.
Comments: Trouser type Hakama for Kendo training, excellent condition.

OM36 Black Synthetic Kendo Hakama $65.00.
Material: Synthetic
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black
•Length: 77cm (30.3inches)  

Antique Japanese Kimono Kendo Hakama OM31

Pattern: Plain indigo cotton fabric. The original owner's name, "Master Oguri, Mitsuya club" is embroidered on the wearer's back right.
Comments: Trouser type Hakama for Kendo training. It is cotton and in excellent condition. This is the first one I have had that was embroidered in this location; most of the time if the embroidering is present, it is on the front side. I am assuming that this one having belonged to a Master may be responsible for the different location of the kanji.

OM31 Kendo Hakama: $80.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Color: Indigo
•Length: 92cm (36.2 inches)