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Other Gems

Golden Dendrite Pear Cut Designer Ring.

This one just keeps getting more fabulous the more you look at it!  The four very narrow bands are joined as one at the back, while spreading out in front to embrace this most unusual stone.  Dendritic Crystals are usually clear to milk white; this one is a rich golden color well captured in these photos, although they don't begin to show you how wonderful this ring truly is!  The picture lower left shows that the stone is not utterly opaque; there is some translucency to it, which gives it more depth and dimension.  The unusual cutting should also be remarked upon, in that it is not the typical Cabochon cut, but rather has a broad table that is beveled on the edge and nicely tapered to the base of the stone.  You should also note the mounting itself; the four bands on one side are spread apart much farther than on the other side, lending a most unique look.  Four broad flat prongs are used to secure this 15mm x 23mm Pear cut.  I have photographed it point up and point down so that you can see that it really does look very different depending on the direction worn.  This one is $260.00.

Custom Design Ring; Enormous Dendrite.

Big ring lovers, breathe a sigh of relief; your Dendrite ring is here!  This Emerald cut stone measures an astounding 18mm x 23mm, and it securely held in this mounting that was custom built for this stone.  The wonderful display of plant-like inclusions is what gives the stone its other name, which is Aquarium Stone.  The scroll design you see continues all around the band.  It can be sized; no problem, but sizing larger will leave a smooth place in the back of the band.  No worries, though; my smith is a professional, and the smooth place will appear as an intentional part of the band.  This ring is suitable for either man or woman, and it is $325.00.


Gossamer Crystal Designer Ring.

About one tenth of the sparkle and fire of this stone is shown here; the other nine tenths is waiting for you when you receive it in person!  The blues and pinks show here, but the yellows and orange tones that make it look like an Opal on fire do not photograph here.  The Cabochon cut measures about 11mm x 13mm, and is off-set mount in this charming starfish and shell mounting.  Two ways to wear it, one great ring!  It is $145.00.

Emerald & Silver Topaz 3-Stone Ring.

As you see in the picture on the right, this is a stylized Claddagh mounting.  The emerald in the center has nice color, and it measures 5mm x 6mm, which is considered a "Roval", or Royal Oval.  Emeralds should be cared for much the same way as pearls; that is to say remember that they are brittle, and to take care when cleaning them.  The two Silver Topaz each measure 6mm x 4mm.  Their color is actually silver, rather than colorless, which is why I wanted them for this ring.  Since the center stone is not a calibrated size, the mounting had to be specially constructed for this group of stones, and the ring is $175.00.

SOLD Bicolor Tourmaline Baguette Ring

This is a spectacular ring with less than spectacular pictures.  It is a long emerald cut in a Bicolor Tourmaline.  Technically, this VS tourmaline is green-to-brown, but there are flashes of gold and even pink in this dramatically shaped stone, mounted here in a custom constructed tension mounting to better display the beauty of this unique stone.  Flanking it we have a pair of 6mm African Silver Topaz Trillions.  Another one-of-a-kind for $150.00.

Huge Lemon Quartz Pentangle Solitaire Ring.

Another of my wonderful Lemon Quartz rings for you to treasure for it's amazing cut, size, sparkle, and unique custom made design!  It should be patently obvious that the commercially made mounting that would accept a stone of this forbidding size and shape does not exist, and of course, this is true.  This enormous 5-sided stone measures 22.8mm x 15mm, and weighs 21cts!  Diamond-checkerboard cutting increases the sparkle of this unusually shaped stone to a level previously unseen.  For the large ring lover who loves to reduce others to quivering puddles of envy!  It is $345.00.

Lemon Quartz Fantasy Cut Solitaire Ring.

Here is a spectacular sailboat cut lemon quartz for you!  In reality, the color is bright summer yellow, without the orange tones added by my camera.  The surface cut is a diamond checkerboard for amazing sparkle and flash.  This is for the big ring lover, and here in it's custom made, double band basket mounting, the stone measures an eye-popping 18mm x 13mm for a weight of 18cts!  It comes to you from the mines of Brazil, and is $275.00.

Rutilated Quartz Pendant.

Here's something special for those of you who like the very unusual.  This is an enormous cabochon cut Rutilated Quartz.  Mined in Brazil, this is a natural, crystal clear quartz with a huge quantity of Black Crystal rutiles (needles of rare black Tourmaline) embedded within.  Due to the extraordinary size of the stone, 30mm x 14mm, an astounding 33cts., the mounting for this pendant had to be entirely hand made.  It comes to you on a 24" square snake chain, and the bail on the pendant is large enough to accept even a 5mm or 6mm Omega if you wish to transfer it to something you have in your own jewelry box on occasion.  Absolutely one of a kind, exclusive, it is $135.00. 

Caramel Agate Sterling Solitaire.

This is kind of nice, with its double prongs and offset style; it looks like two different rings depending on the direction you choose to wear it.  The Caramel Agate is Cushion cut with a Checkerboard face, and measures 10mm x 10mm.  The ring is currently size 8, and it is $73.00.

SOLD Dichroic Glass Sterling Ring, Pink & Blue Stripes.

This one has a horizontal band of royal blue boasting vertical black stripes on a ground of sparkling bright pink.  Freeform cushion shape measures around 13mm x 15mm.  The ring is currently size 7 and is $80.00.

Dichroic Glass Sterling Ring, Pink & Silver.

There is a strong satin silver large character on the face of this piece that did not photograph at all.  From dead on in normal light, the background is bright pink, and the silver stands out very strongly.  From the side, the glass shows more greens and gold.  The freeform shape measures about 13mm x 18mm in this pretty mounting that would be suitable for either gender.  The ring is currently size 7 and it is $80.00.

Carved Black Onyx Designer Ring.

This is simple, but elegant.  It is a Carved Black Onyx, and with the unusual soft cornered Square Cabochon shape, it is suitable for either gender.  Not an excessively large piece, it measures 10mm to a side, and is carved on the face with a series of curved lines.  The bezel mounting manages to be very contemporary and still dignified.  This one is size 6 1/2, and it is $65.00. 

Orange-Red Zircon & Peridot 3-Stone Ring.

This is why we love Zircon, thought I wish you could see it in real life instead of these less than glorious pictures.  Zircon has the most amazing sparkle, and even in a darker tone like this, it is indeed something to behold.  This is a nice Oval cut measuring 7mm x 9mm, and it is flanked by a pair of Round cut Peridot measuring 5mm each.  This one is size 8, and is $125.00.

Carved Lemurian Jade Solitaire Ring.

Clean and simple mounting shows off this very interesting example of the Lemurian Black Jade.  Lemurian Black has tiny flecks of gold all over the stone, although it does not photograph well.  This is a 10mm Round Cabochon with a carved surface.  The smith has mounted the stone so that the carving lines run diagonally, which gets more attention for the stone than mounting horizontally or vertically.  This one could do double time as a man's pinky ring!  It is size 8 1/2 and is $80.00.

Onyx Ring, Severely Tailored.

This is definitely a no-nonsense ring.  The first picture shows the gallery that holds the 8mm x 8mm Square cut Black Onyx, while the center picture shows the face forward presentation of the ring.  The third picture gives you a sense of the decorative mounting.  Be aware that in the third picture, that place that looks like a piece missing from the shank is actually a camera flare.  This ring is $65.00.

Square Red Ammonite Custom Made Pendant.

I did manage to capture some of the wonderful red fire in this spectacular ammonite pendant.  Designed as a man's pendant, it is also suitable for women.  The ammonite measures 29mm point to point vertically, and 31mm point to point horizontally.  As you can see, it is 'square' only in the loosest of terms; it is actually a freeform shape.  The bail is large enough to encourage changing chains according to your personal taste.  The tasteful custom built mount allows the stone to be unhampered by a bezel, and to show all of it's consistencies as well as it's inconsistencies!  It is $240.00.

Green Fire Agate Ring.

This is a genuine Fire Agate, and in the sun it has glorious flashes of green fire bubbles in a deep amber base.  The scrolled tension mount displays the stone to great advantage, and makes the ring suitable for a man or a woman.  The stone is freeform in shape, measuring about 13mm x 15mm.  A very special custom ring, it is $215.00.

Large Ammonite Ring.

Here is the first of the Ammonites!  The picture does not convey the fire presented by this stone.  The stone has almost a 'dragon skin' effect just below the surface, and the fire in this stone is almost entirely blue and green, which is somewhat rare.  The hand built mounting for this one is decorated by a slightly braided, or perhaps Celtic design, so it would actually be appropriate for a woman, too, if she likes really large rings.  This one IS quite large, with the Ammonite being 21mm x 18mm in size.  Magnificent, and it is $195.00.

Pink Tourmaline & Carnelian Ring. This is sweet for those of you who like the smaller look that still has a lot of presence.  The center stone is a Cabochon cut Pink Tourmaline measuring 3mm x 5mm.  On each side is a Cabochon cut Carnelian with excellent color, measuring 4mm x 6mm.  It is $65.00.

Platinum Druzy Oval Solitaire.

Pictures won't show you the sparkle of this stone.  Druzy is a naturally occurring phenomenon consisting of tiny quartz crystals that form inside of or on a host stone.  It is a very textured stone because of this.  This example is snowy white, with a silvery shadow that seems to move around inside!  The face of the stone measures 9mm x 15mm, and it is bezel mounted to protect it.  This one is $80.00.

Lemurian Black Jade Custom Ring.

Lemurian Black Jade is a fairly recent discovery, and there is not much of it out there.  I had this wonderful freeform ring made for you with a 9mm x 7mm Cabochon cut stone, and in picture far right you can see the little sparkles of gold in this otherwise opaque black stone.  This was extremely difficult to photograph!  The sterling is so highly polished that it bounced the light back into my lens under normal lighting conditions, so I had to shoot that part in the dark.  The stone's surface is so highly polished that it was reflecting the cameral lens so obviously that you couldn't concentrate on the stone itself!  You are going to love this one when it arrives, and it is $95.00.

SOLD Jelly Quartz & Golden Yellow Cat's Eye Ring.

Here is a fun and bouncy combination of color that is sure to get attention from others and bring a smile to you every time you view it.  The Jelly Quartz in the center is a Round cut measuring 10mm, and the two lively Golden Yellow Cat's Eye Cabochons each measure 6mm x 8mm and both have perfect chatoyancy.  This one is $78.00.

Black Onyx Solitaire Ring.

A custom design braided silver mount holds this interesting stone.  Measuring 8mm x 10mm, this Onyx is cut in the Opposed Bar pattern on a Bridge cut stone.  Awesome as either a pinky ring or a ring-finger ring, this designer ring is only $95.00.

3 Stone Peridot Ring.

Here is a wonderful custom build for you August babies!  All Peridot, all top color, cut, and clarity.  The Pear cut center stone measures 7mm x 9mm, and the Round cut 5mm accents are ever so slightly lighter in tone for a very dimensional look.  This mounting was entirely hand built for these stones, and this ring is $125.00.

Cushion Cut Smoky Quartz Solitaire Ring.

This is an elegant, simple beauty!  It is a 10mm x 10mm Cushion cut Smoky Quartz with a Checkerboard top.  Mounted 'on the point', it has a richness and depth of color not often found in these.  It is a beautiful coffee color, with no yellow or orange at all.  A good clean mount like this one allows the stone to do the talking!  It is $70.00.

Lotus Cut Lemon Quartz Solitaire Ring.

This is a difficult shape to properly photograph.  The cut is called "Lotus", and can best be described as a Cushion Cut that has been 'pulled' slightly at the points.  A very interesting shape, really.  This stone is Lemon Quartz, with all of the sunny yellow color that we love it for.  The stone measures 10mm x 10mm, for 2.64cts, and is a rare IF clarity!  It is $85.00.

Lemon Quartz Kite Cut Solitaire Ring.

Oh, how fun is this?  This is a custom cut kite, mounted in a specially built sterling mounting for you.  Another one of a kind ring from the jewelry shop that made 'one of a kind' the standard rather than the exception!  This pretty stone is VVS and measures 17.2mm x 12.6mm for a weight of 5.72cts.  Impressive, yes; expensive?  No.  It is $195.00.

Orange Jelly Opal

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it certainly can't show you the beauty of an opal of any kind!  This is a wonderful jelly opal in person!  It measures 8mm x 10mm, and has nice translucence.  The picture on the left comes closer to translating the real color than does the one on the right, but I wanted you to see the interesting bypass mounting used on this stone.  It is $75.00.