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This page may not be a permanent part of my website, so don't procrastinate!

Email me with your choices, and I will get them totaled up and ready to go for you. 


Jewelry On Sale

No sizing on any ring appearing on the sale page.

Some of the rings are 'pinky size,' and can be sized by any competent smith/jeweler.  Most of those are from my personal collection.  Other offerings are from categories that I will no longer be carrying for the foreseeable future so are being discounted to get them out of my inventory.  Occasionally there will also be an item with a flaw; probably my fault rather than anyone else's and any flaw will of course be disclosed.

Amethyst Fantasy Laser Cut Designer Solitaire.

Here is a sure winner, mounted in this bypass setting for you.  It is a fantasy cut; a Fat Marquise, with a laser cut underside and a table cutting of large curved facets.  This is a Brazilian Amethyst, chosen for the somewhat lighter color than the African Amethyst that I am so partial to.  The lighter tone displays the laser cuttings more prominently, and I didn't want you to miss anything on this one!  The stone measures 16mm end to end, or point to point, and is 12mm ad the widest point of the curved body.  The weight is 5.76cts.  This one is on sale because of a flaw in the stone caused by the accidental over-tightening of a prong.  If you know where to look, you can see it, but otherwise it just appears as one more reflection in the numerous facets.  Size 5 1/2, it was $200.00 and is now $100.00. 

Australian Black Boulder Doublet Opal Solitaire.

Red and green flashes predominate in this magnificent black opal; suitable for either men or women.  The hand constructed mounting is clean and elegant, and allows the opal to speak for itself.  The opal measures 13mm x 9mm, and is bezel mounted for optimum protection.  It is one of a kind, as you may expect, and it is size 6 3/4, $100.00.

Australian Black Opal Doublet Solitaire Ring.

Nothing really matches the fire of the black opal doublet.  This one measures 14mm x 7.5mm, and has all of the colorful fire you expect from one of these beauties.  A freeform oval cut, with a hand constructed mounting made especially for this stone, it is suitable for either a man or a woman, size 7, it is $125.00.

Triangular Freeform Black Opal Doublet Ring.

The camera didn't pick up a single bit of the red fire in this Aussie opal doublet, but it is very much present in person!    The red is mostly confined to the short side point on this one, with the rest of the stone busily flashing blues and greens at you.  A larger cut suitable for a man, this one is 10mm x 23mm  and VERY impressive!  The mounting was made especially for this stone, and the ring is size 8 3/4, $160.00.

Single Strand Saltwater Pearls With White Mabe Pearl Clasp. NSWE-2

This is an un-spaced, or un-knotted strand measuring 15" long without the clasp, which is a White Mabe Pearl 8mm in diameter.  Each of the Saltwater Pearls measures 5mm x 6-7mm in the Elliptical shape.  Nice luster in a white Pearl that will go with everything!  Sale Price $70.00.

Natural & Lab Garnet Pendant.

Smaller garnet is natural, measuring 5mm x 7mm oval cut, larger garnet is a lab garnet, measuring 14mm x 18mm.  Sale price $18.00.

Ruby & Zoisite Pendant.

Triangular fan shape, ruby zoisite cabochon measures 25mm x 27mm.  Sale price $18.00.

Round Amber Slider Pendant.

Large slider bail for Omega chain, small round amber with good inclusions measures 8.5mm.  Sale price $18.00.

SOLD Round cut amethyst studs in sterling surrounds.  Sterling posts and backs.  Sale price $15.00.   

Shikishi On Sale

Most Shikishi are the same size, which is approximately 10 3/4" x 9 1/2".  Note will be made of any that are not in that measurement. They are hand painted in a variety of techniques and mediums, and are almost all on a stiff cardboard like paperboard with gold edging.  Also offered are the Kirikomi, which are the same size as standard shikishi, but will have items shaped from fabric or other items that are skillfully attached to the board. Some are photographed using a back screen scroll made for the purpose of holding the interchangeable paintings, and of course the back screen scroll is not included with your purchase but are offered separately.

Shikishi, Daisies in Golden Circle.

The metallic finish of this one shows up so much better in person.  The flowers are well detailed, and the whole is nicely balanced.  Excellent condition.  SALE $10.00

Shikishi, Yellow Mum.

A single bloom expresses many possibilities in this painting.  The deep green leaves shade to a lighter green, and on close observation, the stem is carefully tied to the stake with pieces of white fabric; an unusually detailed addition.  Some very faint noruki is present.  SALE $10.00

Pair of Shikishi in Wrapper.

These two pieces came to me together in this wrapper, so that is how I will present them to you.  They display well together, and the simplicity of the almost-metallic gold circle with kanji is a nice balance to the pink lily.  Unlike the pink lily picture, there is virtually no noruki on the picture of the golden sphere. SALE $20.00

SOLD Pair of Shikishi; Kanji & Ornament of Deer.

The kanji, as usual, is completely beyond my comprehension, but it is somehow calming to look at, so that is all to the good.  The other shikishi is beautiful too, in a completely different way.  The gold sphere is the backdrop for what can only be a hanging ornament of a pair of deer, even though the deer are blue.  Very clever set, in great condition.  SALE $20.00

Kirokomi, Japanese Hand Drum.

This is especially nice, with the tasseled cord tied in a good luck knot.  The drum itself is fashioned of woven kimono fabric layered for dimension.  There are five little brown ovals, but your guess is as good as mine in respects to what they may represent.    SALE $18.00

Kirikomi, Dancing With Fan.

The background for this one is pale gold with a satiny glow.  The fan is painted paperboard, while the rest of the figure is fabric padded for depth.  The garment worn by the figure is woven pattern kimono fabric.  Excellent condition. 

SALE $18.00

SOLD Kirikomi, Fruit On Tree Branch.

Here we have persimmons on a small branch.  The red fabric is padded and then painted with the black details.  One of the more amazing aspects of this one is the fact that the branches are not Sumi paint, which they appear to be at first, but rather they are also padded fabric carefully painted with black details on grey.  There is some slight creasing at the upper left corner, but nothing distracting.  SALE $15.00

Kirikomi, Gosho Baby on Black.

I think this may be my personal favorite of this current group; the Gosho Baby carrying a sprig of flowers over his shoulder.  The sprig of flowers is from a silk arrangement, and the hair is carefully tied and then lacquered, so I can't tell for certain whether it is hair or something else that was used for it.  The detail painting is especially good, and includes fingers, fingernails, toes, and details for his left knee and ankle too.  The black matte background sets this one apart a bit, also.   SALE $18.00

Shikishi, Fish & River Pebbles.

The noruki present very little distraction on this piece; they almost appear to be an original part of the painting.  Here, the two sleek fish idle in the current of a river, searching the pebbles for a missed bit of lunch.  This one is actually extremely well done in a very subtle way. SALE $12.00

Shikishi, Sumi & Water Color Dolls.

Represented here are the dolls that bring luck to children on their special days.  Sumi painting is my favorite medium for these works, and also for scrolls; it combines minimalism with the ability to say an awful lot in black and white.  SALE $8.00

Shikishi, Fall Landscape in Water Colors.

Fall is in the air with this landscape.  It appears to be early afternoon, and all is at peace in this painting, as will be any room it hangs in.  The noruki do not distract the eye, and are a natural part of the aging process of this sort of paper.  SALE $8.00

Shikishi, Pink & Blue Flowers.

Kanji in what is most likely a poem balances the pink and blue flowers on this very nice condition shikishi.  There is no noruki, only some very faint and small moisture marks along the bottom edge of the painting, and a small dent in the surface of the paper.  SALE $12.00 

SOLD Vintage Japanese Shikishi, Set of Four.

Here we have a set of four shikishi.  When they are presented to me as groups, I like to keep them AS groups, in case there is some significance to them being together.  Here we have the turnip and mouse, the goldfish and the moore, the orchid, and the grapes and whatever that other fruit is!    The simplistic designs are soothing to the eye, and the combination of color and simple ink & brush gives them just enough life to convey what they will in form and meaning.  Ready for framing or just as they are. SALE $25.00

Vintage Japanese Shikishi Pair, Hydrangea & Morning Glory.

Here we have a set of two florals on dark cream mat board.  The hydrangea is elegant and the morning glory is beautiful for it's simplistic representation.  SALE $15.00

Vintage Japanese Shikishi Pair, Lily & Poem.

Here we have a poem and a lily.  The lily is on light blue mat while the poem is on the traditional off white mat.  The poem is brush and ink, while the lily is watercolor. SALE $15.00

Vintage Japanese Shikishi, Sunflower.

Here we have another original work; this time a sunflower.  I am given to understand that this painting won a prize in an exhibition in 1982 in Kyouga Japan.  A beautiful, soothing painting.  SALE $12.00

Vintage Japanese Shikishi, Hand Drum & Rising Sun.

These two shikishi are sand pictures.  One of the rising sun, which is much smaller than is usual, and the other is the hand drum, which is the normal size.  Very nice condition, the colors are strong and vibrant, and this pair would be wonderful in your home.  SALE $12.00