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SOLD Antique Kakejiku Scroll w/Box, Carp Koi Pine Artist's Chop. 

Pattern: Orange and black swimming carp below pine tree. The 'water' is represented with graduated soft blue fading into
invisibility as it moves from the bottom to the area with the pine branch.
Comments: Beautiful, much sought after scroll with a signed box. The artist's name is Syougetsu but the year he painted it is unknown. The roller ends are water buffalo's horn. The box has some vague discoloration and part of the top of one end is broken, but nothing that inhibits structural integrity. There are small donuki near the fish but in my opinion they are insignificant.

Pair of Carp Scroll $150.00
Material: Paper
Condition: Very Good
Color: Light brown and light gold behind painting.
•Length: 177cm (69.7inches)
•Width: 53cm (20.9inches)

SOLD Antique Japanese Scroll w/ Signed Box, Leaping Carp, Maple Tree.  Kakejiku.

I'm always so pleased to be able to present a scroll with the leaping fish; there are so many auspicious beliefs associated with the image.  Longevity and persistence are two of them, but my darling Kiro noted that it is also symbolizes the hope of a promotion at work!  It makes sense when you think about it; the carp jumping toward the top of the waterfall and the corporate employee fighting his way up the corporate ladder.  While the date of creation is unspecified here, the roller ends are water buffalo horn which helps to date it at least so far as to know that it is not new.  There are a few vague noruki on this heavy paper scroll, but not enough to be noticeable or in any way distracting.  The artist's name is Senkyou and the condition is very good for an older piece like this one.  I'm also happy to say that the signed box is still present and in good condition; this adds to the accruing value of the scroll.  Very beautiful, minimal background with the maple tree at the top and the water gently detailed in white, here are the size and price specs: 

Carp Scroll, $200.00

•Length: 208cm (81.9inches)
•Width: 50cm (19.7inches) 

Antique Japanese Scroll, Monk & Tigers.

Here is the sad but noble tale of the Buddhist monk who sacrificed himself to feed a starving mother tiger and her litter of seven cubs.  Self-sacrifice in any form serves to feed beauty and "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one" (actually a direct quote from Spock on Star Trek, but I feel that it fits here too.)  The artist's name is Yuhou and while the date of the painting is unknown, the roller ends are that almost (but not quite) bakelite plastic that makes me think 1950's; bear in mind it is just my feeling, not incontrovertible fact.  A very few insignificant flaws do not, in my opinion, lessen the impact of this sobering yet uplifting work.  Here are the size and price specs:

Monk & Tigers Scroll, $95.00 

•Length: 130cm (51.2inches)
•Width: 67cm (20inches) 

Vintage Scroll, Rooster & Tree.

This is something fantastically hard to find; a scroll of a rooster!  As you can see from the pictures, there is some wrinkling to the paper, which may or may not come out with careful pressing from the back; your choice if that sort of thing bothers you.  The colors are perfect, and the rooster seems ready to come to life and chase you around the dooryard.  Aside from the wrinkles, there is no actual damage, and this is extremely displayable.  It measures 18" x 78", and it is $125.00. 

SOLD Scroll of Ebisu at River Side.

Here is Ebisu, about whom my friend in Japan says:  "Ebisu is god of good harvest and luck for fisherman.  Until about 200 years ago.  Then Ebisu becomes to be god of prosperity for business place.  If you hang scroll of Ebisu in place of business, business place will be lucky.  Also to hang Daikoku with Ebisu."  This scroll is in pristine condition, and I do not believe that it is very old at all, but who could not do with a bit more luck in business?  It is a big one, measuring 77" x 33 1/2".  This scroll is $95.00

Vintage Scroll; Tea Ceremony ?

This one kind of has me stumped.  It looks as though it could be a tea ceremony scroll, but I am not sure.  In any event, it is a nice one in very good condition, measuring 48 1/2" x 21 1/2".  It is sumi and watercolor, and it is $75.00.

SOLD Vintage Scroll, Tortoise & Crane, Rising Sun.

This is a real beauty.  I am told that the reason that the tortoise is always depicted with the long tail is that since the tortoise lives for such a long time, and moves so slowly, that moss grows from the back of his shell!  I have moved the top right ribbon slightly to the right to show the small hole that is in the mounting on this one.  When the ribbon is allowed to hang normally, this hole is completely hidden.  I love the colors on this scroll, and as for the pine tree, tortoise, the rising sun and the crane, my supplier says "Auspicious patterns are collected.  It is good for wishing a long life."  It is hand painted and mounted on silk, painted approximately 1940.  A real treasure for only $75.00.

Vintage Scroll; Proverb.

This one reminds me of the old black and white photo poster from the '60's over here that showed the old man with the cane going down a dirt road with the caption beneath "Keep on Truckin".  This one is hand watercolor on paper, around 1960, and is in wonderful condition.  I was able to acquire a translation of this kanji, and it says "Leisure time causes high ideals."  It is $75.00.

Vintage Scroll, Sumi & Watercolor.

I like this scroll very much for its minimalist depictions.  We have koi in a square pond, and a vase above with orchids.  Hand painted on silk, late Taisho or early Showa, it is a rare bargain at only $60.00!