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Women's Haori, Page 3 

H61 Antique Kimono Haori, Wine Red, Citrus & Fan Urushi.

The design here is of the old Cypress wood folding fans; they are patterned with flowers and citrus, etc and are done in the urushi fashion.  Flat himo in purple with a pattern of blue-green flowers and chevrons detailed in yellow pop against the white liner.  Here are the specs:

H61 $75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
•Length: 94cm (37inches)
•Width: 124cm (48.8inches)
•Sleeve: 63cm (24.8inches)
•Shoulder: 60CM (23.6inches)

SOLD H59 Antique Kimono Haori, Bright Orange, Gold Mums.

Beautiful deep orange with graduated darker areas and gold flecking all over.  The mums are gently detailed and outlined to make them stand out on the shell.  The liner is white with pink and shitsuke are still present.  Here are your specs:

H59 $65.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
•Length: 76.2cm(30inches)
•Width: 127cm(50inches)
•Sleeve: 55.9cm(22inches)
•Shoulder: 55.9cm(22inches)

H46 Antique Kimono Haori Wine With Green, Turquoise, Etc.

The fabulous pattern crossing the seams is mindful of the Houmongi Kimono.  Enormous chrysanthemums attached to scrolled vines create a colorful outer balance while the liner of book frames with flowers give you a quieter space inside.  Heavy himo in a pattern of pink egg shapes on a white ground held by turquoise loops complete this excellent condition haori with the shitsuke still intact.  Here are your specs:

H46 $85.00

•Length: 90cm(35.4inches)
•Width: 126cm(49.6inches)
•Sleeve: 66cm(26inches)
•Shoulder: 62cm(24.4inches)       

H26 Antique Kimono Haori, Mint Green With Himo.

This one has a very smooth touch and is a bid heavier.  The choice of blue and green used for the blurred edges of the pattern could not be more perfect, nor could the brilliant leaf green silk himo!  There is a small area of overdye shown in the picture top right, which does nothing to detract from the beauty of this garment.  It is in excellent condition and measures wrist to wrist 48", body width 23", sleeve drop 18 1/2" and length 28".  It is $65.00.