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Women's Juban 

SOLD Antique Kimono Juban, Pink on White Silk J19

Pattern: Women's Juban with traditional patterns, light pink on a white background.
Comments: Silk Juban with mid-length sleeves in excellent condition.

J19 Pink & White Juban $80.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Light pink
•Length: 135cm (53.1inches)
•Width: 128cm (50.4inches)
•Sleeve: 49cm (19.3inches)
•Shoulder: 62cm (24.4inches)  

SOLD J14 Women's Juban, Shibori Pattern Bamboo Leaves.

This is actually a VERY nice juban!  It has the longer sleeve drop, and is lined all in red silk.  The exterior is not tied shibori; it is a stenciled or dyed pattern, which  is only obvious when you see what I am showing you in the picture center right.  This is where the fabric had a very slim crease in it when the red dye was applied.  It is not noticeable when wearing the garment; I am pointing it out only because it is the only obvious proof that the garment is not truly tied shibori technique.  The picture bottom right shows a very small hole (probably moth damage) at the back of the right shoulder, almost at the top seam.  It also is not noticeable, since the lining is the same red as the exterior.  It will not cause a problem when wearing the garment.  The two full length pictures make the garment appear pink; this is not the case in reality, as the garment is very red with a slight orange cast to it.  The very large, all encompassing pattern makes this one a true keeper, and it is only $75.00. 

HOLD J12 Dreamsicle Juban.

What a glorious, nearly edible color!  White clouds and nearly invisible wave crests adorn this yummy orange silk juban.  The han eri (temporary collar) is pretty much new, so this one is all ready to wear.  Excellent condition and one of the hottest colors this year combine for a garment that you will wear when going somewhere, not just to wear at home.  It is $65.00.