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Women's Kimono

Antique Japanese Kimono Furisode, Terra Cotta Rinzu, WK90.

Pattern: . I'm not sure of the meaning of the round frames, but they are uniquely beautiful on a ground of dark terra cotta (not quite brick orange) rinzu silk ground.
Comments: Young lady's first formal kimono; that's the furisode. Dip dyed hem for a flash of contrast, this is a heavy piece with all that embroidery, so feel free to use it as home decor, too.

WK90 Terra Cotta Furisode, $125.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Dark, rusty orange

•Length: 59 1/2"
•Width: 48"
•Sleeve: 39 1/2"
•Shoulder: 23"

SOLD Antique Japanese Bright Pink Muji Kimono WK89.

Pattern: Muji (plain) kimono in bright pink.
Comments: Iromuji Kimono may be worn by married and unmarried women and are mainly worn to tea ceremonies. The dyed silk may be figured (rinzu, similar to jacquard), but has no differently colored patterns. Small stain in the liner near the left shoulder; insignificant to the beauty and wearability of the kimono.

WK89 Muji Kimono $75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Pink

•Length: 152cm (59.8inches)
•Width: 128cm (50.4inches)
•Sleeve: 52cm (20.5inches)
•Shoulder: 62cm (24.4inches)

SOLD Antique Kimono, French Blue Komon WK88.

Pattern: French blue komon with different kinds of garden flowers in various sizes scattered around on the garment. Lovely rose dip dyed hakake.
Comments: Daily wear garment for married and unmarried women.

Blue Komon Kimono WK88 $85.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: French blue
•Length: 142cm (55.9inches)
•Width: 126cm (49.6inches)
•Sleeve: 48cm (18.9inches)
•Shoulder: 62cm (24.4inches) 

Antique Japanese Kimono Iromuji Rose Tea Ceremony WK74

Pattern: Iromuji (one color); wave pattern brocaded on the silk.
Comments: Beautiful Iromuji Kimono for tea ceremony wear. Single crest at the back of the neck; the garment is in excellent condition.

WK74 Rose Iromuji Kimono $75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent Condition
Color: Deep Rose
•Length: 156cm (61.4inches)
•Width: 126cm (49.6inches)
•Sleeve: 49cm (19.3inches)
•Shoulder: 60CM (23.6inches)

SOLD Antique Kimono Komon, Shibori, WK73.

Pattern: Komon kimono with Sou-Shibori tie-dyed patterns of scrolled vines and leaves. The background is purple-blue or
blue-purple, depending on your point of view. The 'white' lines you see in the pattern are actually silver in reality; the
reflectiveness of them photographed as white.
Comments: Komon is a casual, "fine pattern" Kimono with a small, repeated pattern throughout the garment. This style
may be worn as casual daily wear, or dressed up with a formal obi for a restaurant. Both married and unmarried women
may wear komon.

WK73 Shibori Kimono $95.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Purple
•Length: 138cm (54.3inches)
•Width: 126cm (49.6inches)
•Sleeve: 49cm (19.3inches)
•Shoulder: 62cm (24.4inches)

SOLD WK72 Vintage Japanese Kimono Houmongi.
Pattern: Light green background, dark green net patterns on left side and sleeves.
Comments: This one is Tsukesage Houmongi and more simple in design than standard Houmongi. The rank is slightly higher than Muji kimono; the Tsukesage Houmongi may be worn by both married and unmarried women.

WK72 Green Kimono $75.00
Material Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Light Green
Length: 62 1/2"
Wrist to wrist: 52"
Sleeve drop: 19 1/4"
Body width: 26"

WK71 Antique Japanese Kimono Yukata.
Pattern: Women's Yukata with multicolor and white flowers on an indigo blue ground.
Comments: Wonderful summer addition to your kimono or western wardrobe.

WK71 Yukata $65.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent condition
Color: Indigo
•Length: 58"
•Wrist to wrist: 51"
•Sleeve drop: 17 1/4"
•Body width : 24 1/2"

SOLD WK70 Antique Japanese Kimono Yukata.
Pattern: Women's Yukata with a design of the flowers on a navy blue ground.
Comments: Red, yellow, green and orange with impressions of circles in white make this one colorful while the cotton makes it comfortable!

WK70 Yukata $65.00
Material: Cotton
Condition: Excellent
Color: Navy blue
•Length: 57 1/2"
•Wrist to wrist: 50 1/2"
•Sleeve drop: 17"
•Body width: 24 1/2" 

WK68 Antique Japanese Iromuji Kimono, Wine Rinzu.

Pattern: Rinzu (brocaded) woodgrain pattern in the solid wine color silk.
Comments: Iromuji Kimono are perfect for practicing Chanoyu, or Tea Ceremony. This one has a matching hakake and eggshell doura, nice weight and movement; the classic look that always serves.

WK68 Iromuji Kimono $75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
•Wrist to wrist: 51"
•Body Width: 23 1/2"
•Sleeve Drop: 19"
•Length: 59 1/4"

WK65 Antique Japanese Iromuji Kimono, Royal Purple.

Comments: Iromuji Kimono are perfect for practicing Chanoyu, or Tea Ceremony. This is a solid plainweave in a nice Royal Purple. The liner has age spotting; this is not significant since it will not be seen when the kimono is worn. The hakake compliments the shell color.

WK65 Iromuji Kimono $75.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent
Color: Indigo
•Wrist to wrist: 52"
•Body Width: 22 3/4"
•Sleeve Drop: 17 1/4"
•Length: 59"

SOLD WK55 Antique Kimono Houmongi, Brilliant Blue.

Be quick; you know that blues this bright do not last long on my site or in my shop!  Beautiful, beautiful kimono, this is houmongi, which translates as 'visiting wear' and they are slightly more formal that Tsukesage.  The garment is appropriate for the married or unmarried woman.  Houmongi will have pattern on shoulder, sleeve and crossing the center back seam; all of this is visible above.  The bright colors represent overlapping waves on the blue sea of the background.  Here are your specs:

WK55 $95.00
Material: Silk
Condition: Excellent; very small stains (noruki) on lining near neckline.
•Length: 147cm (57.9inches)
•Width: 126cm (49.6inches)
•Sleeve: 56cm (22inches)
•Shoulder: 60CM (23.6inches)   

WK41 Antique Kimono Komon, Pink & Green Blocks.

This is a pretty piece, cheerful and busy, but with an odd sort of dignity too.  Peach colored hakake below white doura, the kimono is over all in good shape.  It measures wrist to wrist 49", body width 21 1/2" sleeve drop 19 1/2", length 60".  It is $65.00.   

SOLD WK40 Antique Kimono Dark Blue With Kanji.

Actually a stage costume, this kimono is synthetic fabric with a wonderful touch and unusual texture which I tried to capture in the pictures second row right and third row both right and left.  They symbols are those for 'day' and 'literacy.'  This one borders on the houmongi category, as the pattern crosses the side seam at the hemline of the garment, shown in the picture bottom row left.  White doura and steely blue hakake blend well with the shell and make this a quiet dignified garment that still has some sparkle due to the gold spray.  Excellent condition, it measures wrist to wrist 48". body width 24 1/2", sleeve drop 19 1/2", length 63".  It is $85.00.